The New AI Mode is BROKEN! | Dome Keeper

16 Mar 202362:09

TLDRIn this video, the player explores the AI Dome mode in a game, focusing on automation and strategic use of resources. The player opts for a hard difficulty level and utilizes various AI-controlled gadgets, such as a stun laser and an auto-cannon, to defend against waves of enemies. Throughout the game, the player collects resources, upgrades their base, and relies on the AI to manage combat effectively, leading to a successful defense and victory.


  • 🎮 The player is engaged in a game involving AI-controlled defenses and resource management.
  • 🤖 The AI dome is a key element, with its upgrades and functionalities being central to gameplay strategy.
  • 💰 Resource gathering and optimization are crucial, with a focus on iron, water, and Cobalt.
  • 🔨 The player emphasizes the importance of drill power and pickup strength for efficient resource collection.
  • 🔧 Upgrades such as the stun laser, auto count, and spiral are strategically utilized for defense and offense.
  • 🚀 The game features a variety of power-ups and enhancements that significantly impact gameplay.
  • 📈 The player discusses the value of visual upgrades like the prospecting meter and the need to balance different resources.
  • 🛠️ The use of a 'pull trick' to quickly gather resources is highlighted as an effective strategy.
  • 🎯 The player's approach involves a mix of exploration, planning, and reacting to the game's events and challenges.
  • 🤔 The player contemplates the potential of certain upgrades and their impact on the overall game strategy.
  • 🏆 The game mode played emphasizes the role of AI in managing defenses, allowing the player to focus on resource gathering and exploration.

Q & A

  • What game mode was the player trying out in the script?

    -The player was trying out the AI Dome mode in the game.

  • What was the player's initial strategy for the game?

    -The player's initial strategy was to use the hard minion maps and focus on automation, with an emphasis on AI-controlled defenses and resource management.

  • Which three AI-controlled gadgets did the player choose for their gameplay?

    -The player chose a stun laser, an auto-count (DPS weapon), and a spiral (defensive structure) for their gameplay.

  • How did the player plan to use the auto-count in their strategy?

    -The player planned to use the auto-count as a DPS weapon that activates even when they're not inside the Dome, aiming to clear out enemies on its own.

  • What was the player's approach to resource management?

    -The player focused on upgrading their pickup strength and drill power to efficiently collect resources, and also utilized a resource converter to multiply their money.

  • How did the player utilize the spiral in their strategy?

    -The player used the spiral as an anti-projectile building that could either zap faster or shoot burst, dealing with salvos effectively.

  • What was the player's reaction to finding the super artifact with visual capabilities?

    -The player was extremely excited and considered it game-changing, as it allowed them to see resources and plan their drilling more effectively.

  • What was the player's final evaluation of the automation mode?

    -The player found the automation mode to be very enjoyable and appreciated the quality of life improvements it provided, especially the AI's ability to handle combat effectively.

  • What did the player suggest for improving the game's prospecting meter?

    -The player suggested adding an indicator at the top right corner to show what was happening at the top of the Dome, and also desired instant updates for the prospecting meter rather than a delay.

  • What was the player's strategy for the end game?

    -The player focused on maximizing their defenses, particularly the stun laser, and used the AI to manage combat while they concentrated on digging and resource collection.



🎮 Introduction to AI Dome Gameplay

The speaker, Swift, introduces the AI Dome game mode, emphasizing the flexibility of the game version and the gadget choice. The focus is on playing on hard mode with minion maps and automation HD. The speaker discusses the AI-controlled gameplay, the initial upgrades, and the strategy of not being present at the Dome, allowing it to clear enemies autonomously. The speaker also talks about the stats, AI gadgets, and the decision-making process regarding anti-projectile strategies.


🚀 Resource Gathering and Upgrade Strategies

Swift shares his approach to resource gathering, starting with pickup strength and drill power. The speaker explains the importance of exploring the map and identifying resources, as well as the decision to upgrade defensive structures and DPS. The focus is on efficient use of resources, prioritizing certain upgrades over others, and the strategic use of the spiral building for anti-projectile defense.


🛠️ Upgrading and Defense Optimization

The paragraph discusses the speaker's strategy for upgrading turrets and defenses, including the Cannon and the Spire. Swift talks about the benefits of movement speed, damage, and recharge time upgrades. The exploration continues with a focus on finding magnets and other resources, as well as the strategic use of the time stop ability and the decision-making process behind upgrading different aspects of the gameplay.


💡 Maximizing Efficiency with Movement Speed and Drilling Gear

Swift emphasizes the importance of movement speed for efficient exploration and resource gathering. The speaker talks about upgrading the healing mechanism and the use of AI for automated tasks. The focus is on maximizing drilling efficiency, the strategic use of water resources, and the anticipation of future upgrades and the acquisition of a pickup drone for resource collection.


🌐 Navigating the Game Map and Upgrading Visuals

The speaker discusses the use of the visual prospecting meter and the importance of upgrading it for better resource location. Swift talks about the strategy of drilling and the discovery of a super artifact, which significantly changes the digging plan. The focus is on the excitement of exploration, the strategic use of artifacts, and the appreciation for the game's visual upgrades.


🔄 Resource Management and Game Victory

Swift shares his approach to managing resources, particularly the conversion of iron to water and the use of the condenser. The speaker talks about the strategic use of the lift mechanism, the importance of water in the late game, and the decision-making process behind upgrading various aspects of the gameplay. The focus is on the end-game strategy, the efficient use of resources, and the celebration of victory.


🎉 Reflection on Automation Mode and Future Gaming Plans

The speaker reflects on the enjoyment of playing in automation mode, appreciating the quality of life improvements introduced by the developers. Swift talks about the potential for playing in more challenging modes and expresses interest in exploring other games. The focus is on the satisfaction derived from the game, the appreciation for its features, and the anticipation of future gaming experiences.



💡AI Dome

The AI Dome is a central structure in the game that the player, Swift, is playing. It is equipped with various upgrades and AI-controlled mechanisms that help automate the gameplay experience. In the context of the video, Swift is utilizing the AI Dome's capabilities to manage resources and defenses without direct intervention, showcasing the game's automation features.

💡Hard Minion Maps

Hard Minion Maps refers to a game mode or difficulty setting where the player faces challenging opponents known as minions. This term implies a higher level of difficulty and requires strategic gameplay to overcome the challenges. Swift is playing on this difficulty, indicating a more intense and engaging gaming experience.


Automation in this context refers to the game's feature that allows for AI control over certain aspects of gameplay, such as resource management and defense. It减轻了玩家的负担,让他们可以专注于探索和升级,而不是持续管理每一个操作。Swift enjoys the automation feature as it simplifies the gameplay and allows for a more strategic approach.

💡Pickup Strength

Pickup strength is a game mechanic that determines the player's ability to collect resources from the environment. A higher pickup strength means the player can gather more resources in a shorter amount of time. In the video, Swift prioritizes upgrading pickup strength to optimize resource collection and streamline the gameplay experience.

💡Drill Power

Drill power represents the efficiency and effectiveness of the player's drilling operations in the game. Upgrading drill power allows the player to find new resources more quickly and potentially discover valuable upgrades. Swift considers drill power crucial for exploring and advancing in the game.

💡Resource Conversion

Resource conversion is the process of transforming one type of resource into another, often to create a more valuable or immediately useful resource. In the game, this can involve converting less useful resources into ones that are more beneficial for the player's current strategy or needs. Swift uses resource conversion to maximize the utility of his resources.

💡Defense Structures

Defense structures are in-game mechanisms that protect the player's base or resources from enemy attacks. They are crucial for survival, especially as the game progresses and opponents become more challenging. Swift focuses on upgrading his defense structures, like the stun laser and auto count, to ensure his base remains secure.


Exploration in the context of the game refers to the player's actions of discovering new areas, resources, and potential upgrades. It is a key aspect of gameplay that encourages players to navigate and interact with the game environment. Swift emphasizes exploration as a way to find valuable resources and upgrades that can enhance his gameplay experience.

💡Leveling Up

Leveling up in games typically involves improving a character or mechanism's attributes, abilities, or stats. In this game, leveling up can refer to enhancing various aspects such as pickup strength, drill power, or defense structures. Swift aims to level up different aspects of his gameplay to improve his overall performance and strategy.

💡Time Stop

The term 'time stop' in the game refers to a special ability or mechanism that allows the player to temporarily halt or slow down time. This can provide strategic advantages, such as giving the player more time to gather resources or make strategic decisions without the pressure of an impending wave of enemies. Swift considers the time stop ability as a crucial part of his strategy to manage the game effectively.


Swift introduces the AI Dome and its capabilities in the game.

Explains the importance of the stun laser with AI activation and its role in stunning opponents.

Discusses the auto count DPS weapon and its AI activation feature, emphasizing its ability to function even when not inside the Dome.

Details the defensive mechanism of the spiral, an anti-projectile building that can either zap faster or shoot burst.

Shares the strategy of upgrading the stun laser for more stunning and damage, highlighting its importance against later waves.

Talks about the decision-making process in choosing between anti-salvo and anti one-at-a-time strategies.

Explains the exploration of the map and the importance of finding resources like pickup strength.

Discusses the significance of the next wave timer and its role in strategic planning.

Describes the upgrade process for the pickup power and drill power, emphasizing the importance of expedited resource gathering.

Elaborates on the defensive upgrades, particularly the DPS and the Spire, and their roles in handling different types of opponents.

Mentions the discovery of iron and the strategic decision-making involved in upgrading defensive structures.

Talks about the importance of the Relic and its potential to significantly impact the game's outcome.

Discusses the upgrade choices for the minigun, focusing on DPS and the ability to handle multiple opponents.

Explains the strategic use of the time stop ability and its impact on gameplay.

Details the process of upgrading the resource conversion system for better efficiency and its impact on the game's economy.

Shares the excitement of finding the lift, a game-changing artifact that can greatly improve resource gathering.

Talks about the final strategic moves, including the use of the super bomb and the focus on water as a crucial resource.

Concludes the gameplay with the AI successfully defending the Dome without player intervention, showcasing the effectiveness of the strategies employed.