The rural lighthouse keeper replaced by AI πŸ’”

10 May 202308:48

TLDRIn this video, Claire shares her memorable experience traveling around Ireland in a camper van and her special connection to Kerry. She narrates her engagement story in Kearney National Park and her recent press trip to County Kerry, organized by Kerry County Council. The highlight of her trip was a boat tour around a small island in Tralee Bay, where she learned about the history of the lighthouse, its former inhabitants, and the technological advancements that led to the automation of the lighthouse, leaving a lasting impression on her and the local history.


  • 🌊 Claire shares her experience traveling around Ireland in a camper van for a week.
  • πŸ“ She was invited by Kerry County Council to visit County Kerry, a region she has a special connection with due to her mother's alleged origins.
  • πŸ’ Claire got engaged in Kerry at Kearney National Park, despite an amusing proposal mishap.
  • πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ During her press trip, Claire and Sarah from tri-channel did various activities including cycling the Kingdom of Kerry Greenway.
  • 🏘️ They visited Ireland's soundest town and the Kerry Writers Museum, learning about the region's literary heritage.
  • 🚒 A highlight of the trip was a boat tour around a small island in Tralee Bay, learning about the island's history and lighthouse.
  • 🏜 The lighthouse keeper's story, who had seven children and lost his job to automation, was particularly captivating.
  • πŸ—οΈ Construction of the lighthouse began in 1848, with blue granite slabs carried up steps to build it.
  • πŸ’‘ The lighthouse was first lit in 1854, switched to gas in 1954, and then to solar power in 2013.
  • 🌧️ Rainwater was harvested on the island as there was no running water or well, and the lighthouse steps are made of perfectly cut blue granite.
  • πŸ”¦ The lighthouse flashes three colors (red, white, green) as a signal for safe navigation into the bay, with the colors indicating different directions for boats.

Q & A

  • What was the name of the ship mentioned in the song at the beginning of the transcript?

    -The name of the ship mentioned in the song was 'a belly of tea'.

  • Where did Claire travel before receiving the invitation from Kerry County Council?

    -Claire traveled around Ireland in a camper van for a week before receiving the invitation from Kerry County Council.

  • How did Claire get engaged and where was the location?

    -Claire got engaged in Kerry, specifically in Kearney National Park, beside a beach near the car park.

  • What is unique about the history of Kerry in relation to famous writers?

    -Many famous writers come from Kerry, as discovered during the visit to the Kerry Writers Museum.

  • What significant change happened to the lighthouse on the island in 1848?

    -The construction of the lighthouse on the island began in 1848, using blue granite slabs.

  • How was the water sourced on the island for the lighthouse keepers?

    -The water on the island was sourced through rainwater harvesting, as there was no running water or well.

  • What major change occurred in the lighthouse in 1956?

    -In 1956, the lighthouse became automated, leading to the lighthouse keeper losing his job.

  • How was electricity provided to the lighthouse before the installation of solar panels?

    -Before solar panels, two generators were used to charge batteries, which in turn powered the light at night.

  • What are the three colors the lighthouse flashes and what do they signify?

    -The lighthouse flashes red, white, and green. Red and green are port and starboard side indicators, while white is the safe color to approach the bay.

  • What machine was added to the lighthouse in 1911 and what was its purpose?

    -An occulting machine was added in 1911 to change the light from a fixed light to a flashing light, operated like a mechanism of a grandfather clock.

  • How does the modern 'electronic keeper' function in the lighthouse?

    -The 'electronic keeper' contains a SIM card that sends a message to an engineer if there's a problem with the light, solar power, or battery packs.



🚒 Travels and Engagement in Kerry

The paragraph introduces Claire's recent travels around Ireland in a camper van and her connection to Kerry County. She shares her excitement when Kerry County Council invited her to visit Kerry, a place special to her due to her engagement at Kearney National Park and her family history. Claire mentions the press trip and her co-traveler, Sarah, highlighting the activities they did during the trip, including cycling the Kingdom of Kerry Greenway, visiting Ireland's soundest town, and the Kerry Writers Museum. The focus of the video, however, is on a boat trip to a small island off the coast of Kerry, where Claire delves into the history of the lighthouse, its keeper, and the impact of automation on the lighthouse's operations and the local way of life.


🏠 Life of the Lighthouse Keeper and Technological Advancements

This paragraph delves into the living conditions and challenges faced by the lighthouse keeper and his family on the island. It describes the construction of the lighthouse in 1848, the transportation of large slabs of blue granite, and the absence of running water, leading to the harvesting of rainwater. The paragraph also discusses the evolution of the lighthouse from a manned operation to automation, detailing the introduction of gas lighting in 1954 and the eventual use of solar power in 2013. The lighthouse's unique flashing pattern of three colors (red, white, and green) is explained, signifying different navigational instructions for sailors. The paragraph concludes with a note on the keeper's responsibilities and the transition to electronic monitoring of the lighthouse's functions, emphasizing the historical significance of the lighthouse and the technological advancements that have shaped its operation.




Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, known for its rich history, culture, and natural beauty. In the video, the host travels around Ireland in a camper van, highlighting the country's scenic landscapes and local experiences. The mention of various places such as Kerry County and Kearney National Park showcases the diversity and attractions of Ireland.

πŸ’‘Kerry County Council

Kerry County Council is the local authority responsible for governing County Kerry in Ireland. In the context of the video, the Council reaches out to the host, inviting her to visit Kerry, which indicates a promotional effort to attract tourists and showcase the region's unique offerings.

πŸ’‘Camper Van

A camper van is a type of vehicle that is equipped with living facilities, allowing people to travel and live in it for extended periods. The host's use of a camper van for her trip around Ireland emphasizes the freedom and adventure of her journey, as well as the practicality of exploring the country at one's own pace.

πŸ’‘Kearney National Park

Kearney National Park is a protected area in County Kerry, Ireland, known for its stunning landscapes and recreational opportunities. The host's engagement in the park is a significant event in her personal narrative, adding an emotional connection to the location and highlighting the park's role as a destination for memorable experiences.


A lighthouse is a tower with a light that emits flashes of light to guide ships at sea and warn them of dangerous coastlines. In the video, the lighthouse on the island off the coast of Kerry serves as a central point of interest, with its history, the role of the lighthouse keeper, and the impact of automation on the traditional way of life being discussed.


Automation refers to the use of technology to perform tasks with minimal human intervention. In the context of the video, the automation of the lighthouse led to the job loss of the lighthouse keeper, illustrating the broader theme of how technological advancements can transform traditional occupations and lifestyles.

πŸ’‘Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater for later use. In the video, this technique is mentioned as a way the inhabitants of the island obtained their water supply, highlighting the resourcefulness and self-sufficiency required for living in remote locations.

πŸ’‘Solar Power

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity, typically using solar panels. The video discusses the transition from generators to solar power at the lighthouse, emphasizing the move towards sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources.

πŸ’‘Occulting Machine

An occulting machine is a device used in lighthouses to alternately obscure and reveal the light, creating a flashing effect. In the video, the occulting machine is described as part of the lighthouse's history, showing how the light was originally managed before the introduction of automation and modern technology.


Navigation refers to the process of determining the position and course of a vessel or vehicle. The video touches on the importance of the lighthouse's light in guiding ships safely into the bay, with different colors signaling directions to sailors, demonstrating the critical role of lighthouses in maritime safety.


A patron is a person who supports an individual, artist, or organization, often through financial contributions. In the video, the host expresses gratitude to patrons who helped fund the trips, highlighting the role of community support in enabling the creation of content and experiences shared with viewers.


Claire shares her travel experience in Ireland in a camper van for a week.

She had a storied history with Kerry, where she got engaged in Kearney National Park.

The engagement story involves getting lost and proposing at a beach beside the car park instead of the planned waterfall.

Kerry County Council invited Claire for a press trip, which she gladly accepted due to her connection with the region.

During the trip, Claire and her companion Sarah explored various attractions in County Kerry.

They cycled the Kingdom of Kerry Greenway and visited Ireland's soundest town.

A visit to the Kerry Writers Museum revealed many famous writers from Kerry, surprising Claire.

Claire shares a unique boat trip experience from a small island in Tralee Bay.

The island's lighthouse and its history, including the story of the lighthouse keeper and his seven children, were discussed.

The lighthouse was built in 1848 with blue granite slabs, showcasing the labor-intensive process.

The island had no running water, so rainwater was harvested for their needs.

In 1901, a family of nine lived on the island, with the keeper's wife assisting in the lighthouse duties.

The lighthouse was first lit in 1854, and the keeper had to manually maintain the light until it was converted to gas in 1954.

The lighthouse became automated in 1956, leading to the keeper losing his job.

The island transitioned from gas to electric light with the introduction of generators in 1976.

By 2013, solar power took over, making the generators obsolete, but they still function as a testament to the island's history.

The lighthouse flashes three colors (red, white, and green) to guide boats, with each color signifying different navigational instructions.

An occulting machine was used from 1911 to create a flashing light, which required winding up every two hours.

Claire expresses gratitude to the Kerry County Council and her patrons for supporting her travels and content creation.