The ULTIMATE Beginners Guide to Midjourney in 2024

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1 Jan 202448:21

TLDRThis video script offers an in-depth breakdown of the latest updates in mid Journey version 6, highlighting the significant changes in prompting and the introduction of new features. It guides users on how to craft effective prompts for more accurate image generation, explore parameter settings like stylize, chaos, and weird values, and utilize tools such as image prompting and blending. The video also teases upcoming features, discusses the potential of the 'creation' mode on the website, and provides tips for optimizing the mid Journey experience.


  • πŸš€ Introduction to Mid Journey Version 6 and its significant updates, enhancing the AI's ability to understand and execute detailed prompts more accurately.
  • 🌟 Changes in prompting methodology; users now need to be more specific and descriptive to achieve desired results, like specifying 'wideangle product photo' for better accuracy.
  • 🎨 Examples of prompt improvements between Version 5.2 and Version 6, demonstrating the AI's enhanced precision in rendering images according to the user's detailed descriptions.
  • πŸ“Έ New feature of adding text to images in Version 6, with the potential for future updates to improve text generation capabilities.
  • πŸ“ˆ Explanation of 'style raw' for more literal interpretations of prompts and its utility in specific situations where the base bot may not be as effective.
  • πŸ”„ Discussion on multi-prompting as a powerful tool in Version 6 to fine-tune results by adding weighted values to desired effects.
  • πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ Details on how to use the 'upscale' feature to enhance images, including options for subtle and strong variations, and the ability to remix images for further customization.
  • 🎨 Introduction to 'stylize value' as a parameter that influences the balance between prompt adherence and aesthetic beauty in the generated images.
  • πŸ”„ 'Chaos value' parameter explained, which introduces variety in the image grid by allowing for more diverse interpretations of the prompt.
  • 🀯 'Weird parameter' showcased for generating more unconventional and abstract images, with higher values leading to increasingly strange outputs.
  • πŸ’‘ Final thoughts on the potential future updates for Mid Journey, including new features like 'image prompting', 'in-painting', 'zooming', 'panning', and 'style tuning', as well as the anticipated release schedule for upcoming versions.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the video?

    -The main focus of the video is to provide a detailed breakdown of the changes and new features introduced in Mid Journey version 6, and to guide users on how to effectively use these features to create desired images and prompts.

  • How has prompting changed in Mid Journey version 6?

    -Prompting in Mid Journey version 6 has become more detailed and specific. Users are encouraged to add as much detail as possible, including descriptions of colors, settings, and objects, to achieve more accurate and coherent results.

  • What is the significance of the 'wideangle product photo' example in the video?

    -The 'wideangle product photo' example demonstrates the improved precision of Mid Journey version 6. It shows how specifying details such as the type of photo, the color of the car, and the color of the road can lead to more accurate and detailed results.

  • How does the video suggest users approach prompts in version 6?

    -The video suggests users start with simple prompts and then gradually add more details. It also emphasizes the importance of being specific and descriptive, and encourages experimentation with different prompting techniques.

  • What is the role of the 'style raw' option in Mid Journey?

    -The 'style raw' option is used for situations where a more literal interpretation of the prompt is needed. It is recommended for longer prompts where the user has a clear vision, or when the base Mid Journey bot is not accurately capturing the desired result.

  • How can users add text to images in Mid Journey version 6?

    -Users can add text to images by placing words inside quotation marks in the prompt. However, the video notes that text generation is still a bit hit or miss and primarily works better with short words.

  • What is 'multi-prompting' in Mid Journey version 6?

    -Multi-prompting is a powerful feature in Mid Journey version 6 that allows users to split up their prompt using two colons and add different weighted values to emphasize certain aspects of the prompt, leading to more controlled and nuanced results.

  • What is the 'upscale' feature in Mid Journey and how is it used?

    -The 'upscale' feature allows users to generate a singled-out, higher resolution version of a selected image. It provides options for subtle and strong variations, enabling users to refine and experiment with their images further.

  • What are 'parameters' in Mid Journey and how do they affect the outcome?

    -Parameters in Mid Journey are additional elements that can be added to a prompt to change the outcome. They can alter the default look of Mid Journey and influence aspects such as the aesthetic beauty, creativity, and variety of the generated images.

  • What is the 'stylize value' in Mid Journey and how does it work?

    -The 'stylize value' determines the aesthetic beauty of the generated image. It operates on a scale from 0 to 1,000, with 100 being the default. Lower values make Mid Journey follow the prompt more closely, while higher values result in more beautiful but potentially less coherent images.



πŸš€ Introduction to Mid Journey Version 6

This paragraph introduces the latest update to Mid Journey, known as version 6. It highlights the significant changes and improvements made over the past year. The speaker, Nolan, explains that the video will provide a breakdown of these changes, discuss the various features of version 6, and offer insights into what users can expect in the next 12 months. The introduction also mentions the importance of understanding the new prompting system in version 6 and provides a brief example of the differences between version 5 and version 6 prompts.


🎨 Prompting Techniques in Version 6

This paragraph delves into the specifics of prompting in Mid Journey version 6. Nolan discusses the differences in prompting between version 5 and version 6, using examples to illustrate the point. He emphasizes the need to be more descriptive and detailed in version 6 to achieve the desired results. The paragraph also covers the use of the 'style raw' command for more literal interpretations of prompts and the potential of future updates to improve text generation within images.


πŸ–ŒοΈ Adding Text and Background Details

In this paragraph, Nolan demonstrates how to add text and background details to images in Mid Journey version 6. He explains the process of including text within quotation marks and notes the current limitations of this feature, expecting improvements in future updates. The paragraph also explores the intricacies of specifying background elements and the impact of adding details on the overall generation.


πŸ”„ Multi-Prompting and Variations

This paragraph introduces the concept of multi-prompting in Mid Journey version 6, a powerful feature that allows users to refine their prompts with additional weighted values. Nolan explains how to use multi-prompting to achieve desired effects that were not initially generated by the bot. The paragraph also discusses the use of variation buttons to create subtle or strong variations of an image, and the potential to remix these variations for further customization.


πŸ› οΈ Parameters and Setting Preferences

Nolan discusses the use of parameters in Mid Journey version 6 to alter the default look of the generated images. The 'stylize' value is introduced, which affects the beauty and creativity of the images while balancing prompt accuracy. The paragraph provides a comprehensive overview of how varying the stylize value impacts the outcome, using examples to illustrate the differences. It also touches on the 'chaos' and 'weird' parameters, explaining their effects on the diversity and peculiarity of the generated images.


πŸ’‘ Saving Parameters as Shortcuts

This paragraph explains how to save a combination of parameters as a shortcut for future use in Mid Journey. Nolan demonstrates the process of creating a shortcut through Discord's 'prefer' command and emphasizes the practicality of this feature for quick access to preferred settings. The paragraph also introduces the concept of setting a default aspect ratio through the 'prefer suffix' command, which automatically adjusts the aspect ratio of all prompts without manual input.


🌐 Image Prompting and Blending

Nolan explores the features of image prompting and blending in Mid Journey version 6. He explains how to upload and reference images directly in the prompts to generate new creations based on existing visual elements. The paragraph also covers the 'blend' feature, which allows users to combine multiple images without adding extra words to the prompt. The discussion includes practical examples and highlights the creative potential of these features.


πŸ” Describe Function and Future Updates

This paragraph discusses the 'describe' feature in Mid Journey, which generates prompt descriptions based on an uploaded image. Nolan explains how this feature can be used to create new prompts with additional reference images. The paragraph also looks forward to future updates, including enhanced image prompting, zooming, and panning features. It provides a glimpse into the potential improvements and new tools that users can expect in upcoming versions of Mid Journey.


🎨 Style Tuning and Nii Journey

Nolan introduces the concept of style tuning, a feature that allows users to create and refine a specific style through a series of tests and selections. The paragraph explains how style tuning works and its potential impact on the creative process. It also mentions 'nii journey,' a subsidiary of Mid Journey focused on anime aesthetics, and provides a comparison between the two versions. The discussion highlights the variety of styles available in 'nii journey' and speculates on the possible inclusion of similar features in future versions of Mid Journey.


🌐 Mid Journey's New Website and Features

This paragraph provides an overview of the redesigned Mid Journey website and its new features. Nolan discusses the 'explore' page for community creations, the search function for prompts, and the 'rate images' feature that helps improve the model. The paragraph also gives a sneak peek into the 'creation' feature available on the alpha website and discusses the potential for future updates, including social features, organizational tools, consistency and storytelling tools, and video and 3D generation capabilities.



πŸ’‘Mid Journey

Mid Journey is an AI-based image generation platform that has undergone significant updates, with version 6 being a major leap from its predecessors. It allows users to create images by inputting prompts, which are detailed descriptions of the desired visuals. The platform has become more powerful and responsive to user inputs, as demonstrated by the improved accuracy in generating images based on complex prompts.


Prompting refers to the process of providing input or instructions to the AI in Mid Journey, which involves describing the desired image in detail. Effective prompting requires users to be specific and thorough in their descriptions, ensuring that the AI can accurately generate the intended image. The video emphasizes the importance of detailed prompting in version 6, where the AI is better at capturing the nuances of the prompt.

πŸ’‘Version 6

Version 6 of Mid Journey represents a significant update from previous versions, introducing new features and improvements to the AI's capabilities. It is designed to better understand and execute complex prompts, offering users greater control and precision in image generation. The video provides a comprehensive breakdown of the changes and new functionalities introduced in version 6.

πŸ’‘Image Prompts

Image prompts are a feature in Mid Journey that enables users to upload an existing image as a reference for the AI to generate a new image. This tool allows for a more interactive and dynamic image creation process, where users can blend or combine elements from different images to create unique visuals. The video demonstrates how image prompts can be used to generate novel images by referencing specific visual elements.

πŸ’‘Stylize Value

The stylize value is a parameter in Mid Journey that determines the aesthetic quality or 'beauty' of the generated images. It operates on a scale from 0 to 1,000, with higher values leading to more aesthetically pleasing but potentially less accurate images according to the prompt. The stylize value balances the AI's adherence to the prompt with its creative freedom to produce visually appealing results.

πŸ’‘Chaos Value

The chaos value is a parameter that introduces variability and randomness into the image generation process in Mid Journey. It is used to create a diverse range of outputs from a single prompt, with higher values leading to more varied and unexpected results. The chaos value can be used sparingly to add a touch of unpredictability or more significantly to explore the AI's creative boundaries.

πŸ’‘Weird Parameter

The weird parameter in Mid Journey is a tool that amplifies the unusual or unconventional aspects of the generated images. It is measured on a scale from 0 to 3,000, with higher values resulting in images that are more bizarre and less predictable. While it may lead to less coherent images, the weird parameter can be a source of unexpected creativity and surreal visuals.


Multi-prompting is a technique within Mid Journey that allows users to refine and adjust their prompts in a successive manner. By using weighted values and callbacks, users can emphasize certain aspects of their initial prompt and guide the AI to generate images that align more closely with their vision. This method offers greater control over the image generation process and can help to achieve more precise results.


Upscaling in Mid Journey refers to the process of increasing the resolution or detail of a generated image. Users have the option to upscale images in various ways, such as 'upscale subtle' for a higher resolution version that maintains the original's essence, or 'upscale creative' for a reinterpreted version that introduces changes and enhancements. This feature allows users to refine their images for better quality or to explore alternative visual outcomes.

πŸ’‘Variation Buttons

Variation buttons in Mid Journey are tools that allow users to generate additional images based on a selected image from their grid. These buttons offer 'subtle' and 'strong' variations, which create images that are either slightly different or significantly altered from the original. The variation buttons provide a way for users to explore different interpretations and modifications of their initial prompt.

πŸ’‘Style Tuning

Style tuning is a feature in Mid Journey that lets users refine the style of generated images by selecting from a range of options presented after a tuning test. The AI creates multiple versions of an image in different styles, and users can choose the one that best fits their aesthetic preferences. This feature, while not available in version 6 at the time of the video, is expected to be a valuable tool for achieving stylistic consistency and personalization in image generation.


Mid Journey's version 6 update introduces significant changes and improvements to the AI's capabilities.

Prompting in version 6 requires more detailed and specific instructions to achieve desired results.

Version 6 allows for more accurate image generation based on user prompts, such as generating a blue sports car on a pink road.

The new version emphasizes the importance of adding as much detail as possible to prompts for better outcomes.

Version 6 introduces the ability to add text to images by including words in quotation marks.

The 'style raw' command offers a more literal interpretation of prompts and can be useful for longer or complex prompts.

Multi-prompting is a powerful feature in version 6 that allows users to add weighted values to different parts of a prompt for more control over the output.

Version 6 provides options for upscaling images with subtle or strong variations, allowing users to refine their creations further.

The 'stylize value' parameter in version 6 affects the balance between prompt accuracy and aesthetic beauty in the generated images.

The 'chaos value' introduces variety in the image grid, making each generation unique even when using the same prompt.

The 'weird' parameter adds a level of unpredictability and strangeness to the images, with higher values resulting in more bizarre outcomes.

Users can save their preferred parameter combinations as shortcuts for easy use across multiple prompts.

Image prompting in version 6 allows users to upload a reference image and combine it with a text prompt for unique creations.

Blending multiple images without additional text is possible in version 6, offering another way to create complex visual outputs.

The 'describe' feature in version 6 can generate multiple prompt descriptions based on a single image, providing new ideas for creations.

Mid Journey's new website offers a more user-friendly interface and additional features like image rating and prompt searching.

The future of Mid Journey includes anticipated updates like consistency tools, storytelling tools, video generation, and a new version release cycle.