Which Midjourney Plan is Right for You?

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23 May 202307:49

TLDRThe video script discusses the subscription plans for Mid-Journey, an AI-based image generation service. It outlines the Basic, Standard, and Pro plans, highlighting their respective features, benefits, and pricing. The Basic plan, at $10/month, offers 200 generations and is ideal for newcomers. The Standard plan, priced at $30/month, includes 15 fast hours and unlimited relaxed generations, catering to more frequent users. The Pro plan, with 30 fast hours, unlimited relaxed generations, and stealth image generation, is targeted at professionals or enthusiasts who require privacy and higher throughput, at a cost of $60/month or $48 with annual billing.


  • πŸ“ˆ Mid-journey offers three subscription plans: Basic, Standard, and Pro.
  • πŸ’° The Basic plan costs $10/month and includes 200 generations, suitable for newcomers to try out the service.
  • πŸ’Έ The Standard plan is priced at $30/month, offering 15 fast hours and unlimited relaxed generations, ideal for most users.
  • πŸš€ With the Standard plan, users can expect around 900 generations per month, providing more flexibility and options for creative exploration.
  • 🌟 The Pro plan doubles the fast hours to 30 and introduces stealth image generation for privacy, at a cost of $60/month or $48 with annual billing.
  • πŸ›οΈ Annual billing is recommended for the Standard and Pro plans to save 20% on the monthly cost.
  • 🎨 Users on all plans receive ownership of their images, access to the member gallery, and the option for additional credit top-ups.
  • 🚫 The Basic plan's 200 generations per month might not be sufficient for users who become more engaged with mid-journey.
  • 🐒 In relaxed mode, users queue for generation, with wait times that can increase if the service is used frequently.
  • πŸ“Έ The Pro plan's stealth image generation allows for private image creation, with no pictures displayed on the mid-journey website by default.
  • πŸ”„ The Pro plan also offers 12 concurrent fast jobs, a significant increase from the 3 concurrent jobs in the lower-tier plans.

Q & A

  • What are the three subscription plans offered for Mid-Journey?

    -The three subscription plans offered for Mid-Journey are the Basic Plan, the Standard Plan, and the Pro Plan.

  • How much does the Basic Plan cost and what does it include?

    -The Basic Plan costs $10 a month and includes limited generations, 200 per month, with Mid-Journey generating 4 pictures for each prompt.

  • What benefits come with every Mid-Journey subscription plan?

    -Every Mid-Journey plan comes with general commercial terms, which means users own the pictures they make and can do whatever they want with them. Users also get access to the member gallery and optional credit top-ups for more fast hours.

  • What is the main difference between fast hours and relaxed generations in Mid-Journey?

    -Fast hours allow for immediate generation of images based on the prompt, while relaxed generations put the user in a queue, potentially leading to longer wait times for image generation.

  • How many generations can a user expect with the Standard Plan?

    -With the Standard Plan, a user gets 15 fast hours, which on average equates to about 900 generations per month, in addition to unlimited relaxed generations.

  • What is the significance of the Pro Plan's stealth image generation feature?

    -The stealth image generation feature in the Pro Plan allows users to generate images privately, meaning their pictures will not show up on the Mid-Journey website by default.

  • How many concurrent fast jobs are allowed with the Pro Plan?

    -The Pro Plan allows for 12 concurrent fast jobs, which is a significant increase from the three concurrent jobs allowed in the other plans.

  • What is the cost of the Pro Plan and how does it compare to the Standard Plan?

    -The Pro Plan costs $60 per month or $48.80 per month with annual billing, which is a $2 increase from the Standard Plan's monthly cost of $30 with annual billing.

  • Who would benefit most from the Pro Plan?

    -The Pro Plan is most beneficial for users who use Mid-Journey for their job or those who are serious hobbyists willing to invest in the additional features it offers.

  • What advice is given regarding the yearly billing option for the Basic Plan?

    -It is advised not to commit to the yearly billing option for the Basic Plan, as the 200 generations per month may not satisfy users in the long run, and they might outgrow it quickly.

  • How can users save on their Mid-Journey subscription?

    -Users can save by opting for the annual billing option, which offers a 20% discount on the monthly cost for both the Basic and Standard Plans.



πŸ“Œ Introduction to Mid-Journey Subscription Plans

This paragraph introduces the viewer to the Mid-Journey platform and its subscription plans. It explains the basic and standard plans, their costs at $10 and $30 per month respectively, and the benefits that come with each. The basic plan offers 200 generations per month and is recommended for newcomers to try out the service. The standard plan includes 15 fast hours and unlimited relaxed generations, which is ideal for most users. The paragraph also touches on the benefits of annual billing and the cost-effectiveness of the service compared to other hobbies.


πŸš€ Advanced Features of the Pro Plan

The second paragraph delves into the Pro Plan, highlighting its key features such as stealth image generation, which allows for private image creation, and the increased number of concurrent fast jobs to 12. It emphasizes the value of the Pro Plan for professional use, where the cost can be justified as a business expense. The paragraph also discusses the cost savings of opting for annual billing and the significant workflow improvement offered by the Pro Plan for users who are heavily invested in exploring Mid-Journey's capabilities.




Mid-Journey is an AI-based platform that allows users to generate images from text prompts. It is the central focus of the video, which discusses the different subscription plans available for using the service. The platform is designed to be accessible for beginners, yet powerful enough for more experienced users who wish to explore its capabilities further.

πŸ’‘Subscription Plans

The video outlines various subscription plans for Mid-Journey, which are the Basic Plan, Standard Plan, and Pro Plan. Each plan offers different features and benefits, catering to users with varying needs and budgets. The plans are a key aspect of the video as they determine the user's access and experience with the Mid-Journey platform.


In the context of Mid-Journey, 'Generations' refers to the images generated by the platform based on user input or prompts. The number of generations a user can create is directly tied to their subscription plan, with more expensive plans allowing for a greater number of images to be produced.

πŸ’‘Fast Hours

Fast Hours are a part of the subscription plans that allow users to generate images instantly, without waiting. The number of fast hours a user has access to depends on the plan they choose, with higher-tier plans offering more fast hours for quicker image generation.

πŸ’‘Relaxed Generations

Relaxed Generations refer to the images generated by Mid-Journey in a non-urgent or relaxed mode, where users enter a queue and wait for their turn. This option is free and unlimited but may take longer compared to using fast hours.

πŸ’‘Yearly Billing

Yearly billing is an option provided for some subscription plans that allows users to pay for the service on an annual basis rather than monthly. This often comes with a discount compared to the monthly payment plan, making it a more cost-effective choice for committed users.

πŸ’‘Stealth Image Generation

Stealth Image Generation is a feature available in the Pro Plan that allows users to generate images privately, meaning their creations will not be publicly displayed on the Mid-Journey website. This feature caters to users who value privacy and do not wish to share their generated images with the community.

πŸ’‘Concurrent Fast Jobs

Concurrent Fast Jobs refer to the ability to generate multiple images simultaneously. The number of concurrent jobs a user can run depends on their subscription plan, with higher-tier plans allowing for more images to be generated at the same time.


The Mid-Journey community is a group of users who share and learn from each other by generating and sharing images. The platform encourages this interaction by making all generated images public by default, fostering a collaborative and educational environment.

πŸ’‘Business Expense

A business expense is a cost incurred by an individual or company for the purpose of earning income. In the context of the video, the speaker mentions being able to write off the Pro Plan as a business expense due to their YouTube activities, highlighting the utility of Mid-Journey for professional endeavors.


There are three subscription plans available for mid-journey: Basic, Standard, and Pro.

The Basic plan costs $10 per month and offers 200 generations with 4 pictures per prompt.

The Standard plan is $30 per month and provides 15 fast hours and unlimited relaxed generations.

With the Standard plan, users can expect around 900 generations per month on average.

The Pro plan doubles the fast hours to 30 and introduces stealth image generation for privacy.

The Pro plan also allows for 12 concurrent fast jobs, a significant increase from the 3 allowed in the Standard plan.

All plans come with general commercial terms, meaning users own the pictures they create and can use them however they wish.

Members get access to the member gallery, where they can view all their creations in one place.

Optional credit top-ups are available for those who need more generations than their plan allows.

The annual billing option for the Basic plan reduces the monthly cost to $8 but may not be suitable for all users.

The Standard plan may be the best fit for most people due to its balance of cost and features.

The Pro plan is recommended for those who use mid-journey professionally, as it offers significant workflow benefits.

The Pro plan's cost-effectiveness can be compared to other hobbies, making it a potential value for enthusiasts.

Users can upgrade or downgrade their plans based on their needs and usage over time.

The video encourages viewers to share their experiences with the different plans in the comments.