12 May 202310:44

TLDRThe video script introduces Easy Negative V2, an updated version of the Easy Negative tool that simplifies the process of creating prompts for AI-generated images, eliminating the need for lengthy negative prompts. It explains the download process from the familiar Hanging Face website and outlines the steps to integrate Easy Negative V2 with the Stable Diffusion WEBUI. The video also demonstrates the impact of using Easy Negative V2 by comparing image outputs with and without the tool, highlighting its effectiveness in improving image quality and preventing distortions. Additionally, it touches on the learning feature, the use of brackets and multipliers to enhance results, and the potential for combining Easy Negative V2 with negative prompts for further refinement. The script also discusses the recent events and regulations surrounding AI-generated content and the importance of establishing rules to prevent misuse and maintain a positive image for AI tools.


  • 📦 Easy Negative V2 is the latest version of the Easy Negative tool, which simplifies the process of creating prompts for image generation AI.
  • 💡 The new version allows users to achieve desired results with minimal effort, as it streamlines the prompt creation process.
  • 🔗 Download Easy Negative V2 from the familiar Hanging Face website, with a link provided in the video description for convenience.
  • 📂 After downloading, move the Easy Negative V2 Safe Pensors file to the Embroiders folder within the installed Stable Diffusion WEBUI folder.
  • 🖥️ To launch the WEBUI Badge and Stable Diffusion WEBUI, simply restart the WEBUI if it's already running.
  • 🛠️ Easy Negative V2 can be utilized by typing 'Easy Negative V2' in the prompt line in Negative Promptラン(Negative Prompt Run).
  • 📚 The script introduces a learning feature that allows users to import previously created learning files to enhance the AI's output.
  • 🎨 By using brackets and multipliers, users can amplify the effects of Easy Negative V2, improving not only image quality but also preventing distortions.
  • 🔄 In addition to Easy Negative V2, users can also incorporate negative prompts for further refinement of the generated images.
  • 🌐 The script discusses the recent news and changes in the world of image generation AI, including the temporary ban on AI submissions on some platforms.
  • 🚨 The industry is moving towards establishing rules and regulations to prevent misuse of AI and to create a coexisting environment for creators and AI enthusiasts.

Q & A

  • What is Easy Negative V2, and how does it relate to image generation AI?

    -Easy Negative V2 is an updated version of a tool designed to simplify the process of writing negative prompts for image generation AI, particularly with Stable Diffusion models. It eliminates the need for lengthy negative prompts, making the image generation process more straightforward.

  • How does one download Easy Negative V2?

    -Easy Negative V2 can be downloaded from the Hugging Face website. Users can either search directly on Hugging Face or use a link provided in the video description. The tool is created by the developers of Counterfeit, so searching for 'Counterfeit' on the website might be necessary.

  • What are the benefits of using Easy Negative V2 with Stable Diffusion WebUI?

    -Easy Negative V2 enhances the user experience by reducing the necessity for complex negative prompts, thereby improving the efficiency of generating images. It integrates with Stable Diffusion WebUI to provide a more user-friendly interface for custom image creation.

  • Can Easy Negative V2 be used in conjunction with other image quality improvement techniques?

    -Yes, Easy Negative V2 can be used alongside other techniques to improve image quality, such as adjusting prompts with brackets or multipliers, and it can be combined with tools like VAE for higher image quality or DALL·E for specific stylistic reproductions.

  • What is the process for integrating Easy Negative V2 into Stable Diffusion WebUI?

    -After downloading Easy Negative V2, the user should move the downloaded file to the 'embeddings' folder within the Stable Diffusion WebUI installation directory. This integration allows for its functionalities to be accessed directly from the WebUI.

  • How is the function of Easy Negative V2 activated within Stable Diffusion WebUI?

    -To use Easy Negative V2 within Stable Diffusion WebUI, users simply need to add 'Easy Negative V2' to their negative prompt run. Additionally, there's a method involving the generation button's interface for invoking pretrained files, including Easy Negative V2, to enhance image results.

  • What are some notable features added to Stable Diffusion and WebUI that were mentioned?

    -The script mentions various functionalities such as ControlNet, which brings advanced features like pose specification, line drawing extraction, and clothing alteration to Stable Diffusion WebUI. These additions significantly expand the creative possibilities available to users.

  • What discussions surround AI-generated images and their implications on image sharing platforms?

    -The script highlights discussions on the regulation of AI-generated images, noting a trend where image posting sites like pixiv began prohibiting AI-generated content. This reflects broader concerns about the management and ethical use of AI-created content, although temporary restrictions suggest an ongoing evaluation of rules.

  • How does the creator view the role of AI in creative processes?

    -The creator expresses a positive outlook on AI's role in assisting humans, including professional illustrators. Despite concerns over the potential misuse of AI and the negative perception this may generate, the creator believes in AI's capacity to coexist beneficially with manual creative efforts.

  • What future updates or contents can viewers expect regarding image generation AI from the channel?

    -Viewers can expect further tutorials and updates on new functionalities of image generation AI tools, including the upcoming ControlNet version 1.1 tutorial. The channel aims to continue providing valuable information on leveraging AI for creative endeavors and the evolution of AI technologies.



📦 Introduction to Easy Negative V2 and Its Setup

This paragraph introduces the new version of Easy Negative, called Easy Negative V2, which is an update to the previous version. It highlights the ease of use due to the reduced need for writing long negative prompts. The speaker explains that Easy Negative V2 can be downloaded from the familiar Hanging Face website and provides a link in the video description for ease of access. The paragraph also touches on the learning feature of Easy Negative V2, which allows users to import previously created learning files to enhance the functionality of the tool.


🎨 Enhancing Image Quality and Transformation with Easy Negative V2

The second paragraph delves into the effects of using Easy Negative V2 on image quality and transformation. It demonstrates how the tool can significantly improve the output, with the ability to adjust parameters such as brackets and multipliers to enhance the results. The speaker also discusses the possibility of combining Easy Negative V2 with negative prompts to achieve better outcomes, especially in cases where Easy Negative V2 alone may not suffice. The paragraph emphasizes the versatility of the Stable Diffusion WEBUI and its additional features, such as VAE introduction for quality enhancement and the Control Net for various customization options.


📰 Current Events in AI Image Generation and Community Reactions

The final paragraph shifts focus to the latest news and developments in the AI image generation field. It mentions the recent changes and regulatory discussions surrounding AI-generated content, including the temporary ban on AI submissions on image posting sites like Pixiv. The speaker expresses the belief that AI should be a tool to aid humanity and suggests that rules should be established to prevent misuse. The paragraph also addresses concerns about the impact of AI on creators and the creative industry, advocating for a coexistence of AI-generated and hand-drawn illustrations. The speaker encourages viewers to explore the potential of AI and contribute to a community where both AI enthusiasts and traditional creators can thrive.



💡Easy Negative

Easy Negative is a term used in the context of AI and image generation technology. It refers to a user-friendly tool or feature that simplifies the process of generating images with specific constraints or avoiding certain elements. In the video, it is mentioned as a component of the AI system that has been updated to a new version, Easy Negative V2, which suggests improvements and additional capabilities.

💡Stable Diffusion WEB UI

Stable Diffusion WEB UI is a user interface for the Stable Diffusion AI model, which is designed for image generation. The WEB UI provides a platform for users to interact with the AI model through a graphical interface, making it easier to generate images without the need for command-line operations. The video discusses the stability and continuous updates of this interface, highlighting its importance in making AI technology accessible and up-to-date.

💡Version Upgrade

Version Upgrade refers to the process of improving and releasing new editions of software or technology. In the context of the video, it is used to describe the advancements made to the AI image generation tools, such as Easy Negative V2. These upgrades typically include new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements, which are crucial for keeping the technology relevant and effective.

💡Control Net

Control Net is a feature or mechanism within AI image generation models that allows users to have more control over the output. It can include specifying poses, extracting line art, or changing outfits in the generated images. The Control Net adds a layer of customization and precision to the AI's output, making it more versatile and user-friendly.

💡AI Image Generation

AI Image Generation is the process by which artificial intelligence algorithms create visual content based on user inputs, often referred to as prompts. This technology has seen significant advancements, allowing for the creation of increasingly detailed and realistic images. The video discusses various tools and versions related to AI Image Generation, emphasizing the ease of use and the impact of recent updates.


In the context of AI image generation, a Prompt is a text input or a set of instructions given to the AI model to guide the creation of an image. Prompts can range from simple descriptions to complex scenarios, and they are crucial in determining the output of the AI. The video discusses the evolution of prompts and the tools that help in their creation and refinement.

💡Learning Function

The Learning Function refers to a feature within AI systems that allows them to adapt and improve based on previous outputs or user interactions. In the context of AI image generation, this could involve using previously generated images to refine the model's performance or to create new images that align with certain styles or themes. The video highlights the learning function as a way to enhance the AI's capabilities and generate more sophisticated images.


Counterfeit, in the context of the video, likely refers to the creation of images or content that may appear genuine but are actually generated by AI. This term underscores the advanced capabilities of AI image generation models and the potential for their misuse if not properly regulated. The video touches on the importance of rules and ethical considerations when using AI to generate content.

💡Community and Collaboration

Community and Collaboration refer to the collective efforts and interactions among individuals who share a common interest, such as AI image generation. In the video, the speaker encourages viewers to share their works, prompts, and information, fostering a sense of community among AI enthusiasts. Collaboration is highlighted as a way to enhance the collective knowledge and creativity within the community.

💡Regulation and Ethics

Regulation and Ethics pertain to the set of rules and moral principles that govern the use of AI technology, especially in image generation. The video discusses the need for rules due to the potential misuse of AI, such as the generation of counterfeit content. It emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations and responsible use of AI to prevent negative consequences and to ensure that the technology benefits society.

💡AI and Society

AI and Society refers to the interaction between artificial intelligence technology and the social world, including its impact on various aspects of life, such as work, culture, and ethics. The video discusses the potential of AI to assist humans and the importance of creating an environment where AI and creators can coexist and contribute to society. It highlights the positive role AI can play in supporting human endeavors and the need for appropriate regulations to ensure its beneficial use.


A new version of Easy Negative, V2, has been released, which further simplifies the process of creating prompts.

The Easy Negative V2 can be downloaded from the familiar Hanging Face site, with a link provided in the video description for convenience.

Counterfeit, the creator of Easy Negative, has seemingly released Easy Negative V2, and there may be a potential shift to a dedicated page for it in the future.

Once downloaded, the Easy Negative V2 Safe Pensors file should be moved to the Embeddings folder within the Stable Diffusion WEBUI installation folder.

The WEBUI badge and Stable Diffusion WEBUI should be launched to begin utilizing the Easy Negative V2 features.

The effectiveness of Easy Negative V2 can be enhanced by specifying brackets and multipliers in the prompt.

In addition to improving image quality, Easy Negative V2 can also prevent image deformation.

Control Net, an extension feature, allows for detailed manipulations such as pose specification, line art extraction, and outfit changes.

The recent version update of Control Net has introduced many new functionalities while maintaining a similar installation process.

AI-generated content on platforms like pixiv has faced regulatory changes, with a temporary ban on submissions, sparking discussions on the use and monetization of AI creations.

There is a call for clear rules regarding the use of AI to prevent misuse and to create a coexisting environment for AI enthusiasts and traditional creators.

The speaker expresses a desire for AI to be a tool that benefits humanity and hopes for a future where AI-generated and hand-drawn illustrations can coexist.

The video also touches on the importance of AI in preserving jobs, especially in labor-intensive industries in countries like Japan.

A series of videos and blog posts are available for those interested in learning more about Stable Diffusion and related technologies.

The transcript emphasizes the potential of AI to bring people together and foster a community of creators who can share works and prompt information.

The video concludes with a poetic reflection on the limitless possibilities that AI and image generation technologies offer.