Forget Midjourney : BlueWillow AI is FREE

26 Jun 202304:43

TLDRIntroducing BlueWillow AI, a new and completely free AI art generator that rivals the popular paid service, Midjourney. The speaker shares their experience using BlueWillow to create stunning AI art for wallpapers, highlighting the platform's ease of use and the high quality of the generated images. The service is accessible through a Discord server, where users can also view and appreciate the works of others. The speaker demonstrates the process of generating art, upscaling it for higher resolution, and using additional tools for further enhancement. They encourage viewers to join the BlueWillow AI beta and explore the possibilities of AI art creation, emphasizing the platform's flawless performance and the excitement of discovering what unique pieces can be generated.


  • πŸ†“ BlueWillow AI is a new, free AI art generator that has gained popularity as an alternative to the paid Midjourney service.
  • 🎨 The user appreciates the ability to create cool AI art for wallpapers without any cost, which was a barrier with Midjourney due to its paid model.
  • 🌐 BlueWillow AI operates similarly to Midjourney but through Discord, allowing users to view and share their creations with a community.
  • πŸ“ˆ Users can upscale the generated images to a higher resolution for better quality, though this may require additional work outside of the AI generation process.
  • 🌟 The generated art pieces are of high quality, stunning, and can be used for various purposes, including as wallpapers.
  • πŸ” The user has not used Midjourney but has observed its output and finds BlueWillow AI's image generation to be on par in terms of quality.
  • 🌐 BlueWillow AI supports the use of multiple languages, making it accessible to a wider audience.
  • πŸ“ To use BlueWillow AI, one needs to visit the official website, join the beta, and get invited to the Discord server.
  • πŸ”— Once in the Discord server, users can generate art and view the creations of others, fostering a sense of community and inspiration.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ The user demonstrates the process of selecting and upscaling an image to use as a wallpaper, highlighting the practical use of the generated art.
  • πŸ“Œ The user encourages others to try out BlueWillow AI, emphasizing its free nature and the fun that can be had with AI art generation.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the new AI art generator mentioned in the transcript?

    -The new AI art generator mentioned is called Blue Willow AI.

  • Why did the speaker not use the Midjourney AI art generator previously?

    -The speaker never used Midjourney because it is a paid service and they do not feel the need for an AI art generator unless it is free.

  • What is the primary appeal of Blue Willow AI for the speaker?

    -The primary appeal is that Blue Willow AI is completely free, allowing the speaker to generate cool AI art for personal use such as wallpapers.

  • How does Blue Willow AI differ from Midjourney in terms of cost?

    -The main difference is that Blue Willow AI is free to use, while Midjourney is a paid service.

  • What platform does Blue Willow AI use for its operation?

    -Blue Willow AI operates through Discord, similar to Midjourney.

  • How can one access and join the Blue Willow AI community?

    -To join, one needs to go to the official website, click on join the beta, and then accept the invitation to the Discord server.

  • What kind of work might be needed to use the generated art as a wallpaper?

    -The generated art might need to be upscaled and possibly have its resolution increased to be suitable for use as a wallpaper.

  • Does the speaker mention any additional features of Blue Willow AI?

    -The speaker mentions that Blue Willow AI works flawlessly and can generate images in a similar style to Midjourney, and it also supports the use of other languages.

  • What did the speaker originally intend to create using Blue Willow AI?

    -The speaker intended to create wallpaper art using Blue Willow AI.

  • How does the speaker feel about the quality of the art generated by Blue Willow AI?

    -The speaker is amazed by the quality of the art, describing the results as stunning and cool.

  • What does the speaker suggest for further enhancing the generated art?

    -The speaker suggests using tools like Photoshop's generative fill or Firefly's generative field, which are available for free, to upscale and enhance the art further.

  • What is the final recommendation the speaker gives to the viewers?

    -The speaker recommends that viewers go and have fun with Blue Willow AI, emphasizing that it is an amazing tool that is free to use.



🎨 Discovering Blue Willow AI Art Generator

The speaker introduces a new AI art generator called Blue Willow, which they had not previously used due to its paid nature. They express excitement about trying it out now that it's free and discuss how it can be used to create unique wallpapers. The speaker shares their experience with the AI, noting that it works similarly to Mid-Journey through Discord, but with the advantage of being free. They also mention the ability to view and appreciate the work of others within the platform and provide a step-by-step guide on how to access and use Blue Willow AI by joining their Discord server.



πŸ’‘Blue Willow AI

Blue Willow AI is a new AI art generator that is being highlighted in the video as a free alternative to Midjourney, which is a popular but paid service. In the context of the video, Blue Willow AI is used to create visually appealing artwork that can be used for wallpapers or other personal uses. The presenter is impressed with the quality of the art generated by Blue Willow AI and emphasizes its cost-free aspect, which makes it accessible to a wider audience.

πŸ’‘AI art generator

An AI art generator is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to create visual art. In the video, the presenter discusses their experience with Blue Willow AI as an example of an AI art generator. The tool is used to produce unique and creative images based on user prompts, which can then be used for various purposes such as personal decoration or digital art.


Midjourney is mentioned as the most popular AI art generator at the time of the video's recording. It is used as a point of comparison to highlight the advantages of Blue Willow AI, particularly its free usage. The presenter has not personally used Midjourney due to its paid nature but acknowledges its popularity and the quality of art it produces based on others' experiences.


Discord is a communication platform that is used by Blue Willow AI to interact with its users. In the video, the presenter explains that after joining the beta program on the Blue Willow AI website, users are invited to a Discord server where they can generate art and view the creations of others. Discord serves as a community hub for users to share and discuss their AI-generated art.

πŸ’‘Wallpaper art

Wallpaper art refers to the digital images created by the AI that are aesthetically pleasing enough to be used as desktop or mobile background images. The video's presenter specifically mentions wanting to create wallpaper art using Blue Willow AI, indicating the personal and decorative use of the AI-generated images.


Upscaling is the process of increasing the resolution of an image while maintaining or enhancing its quality. In the context of the video, the presenter upscales the AI-generated images to make them suitable for use as wallpapers, which may require higher resolution than the original AI-generated image provides.

πŸ’‘Generative fill

Generative fill is a feature in some image editing software like Photoshop and Firefly, which allows users to fill selected areas with AI-generated content that matches the surrounding context. The presenter mentions using generative fill to expand upon the AI-generated images, suggesting a method to further customize and enhance the artwork.


Photoshop is a widely used image editing software by Adobe that offers a range of tools for manipulating and enhancing digital images. In the video, it is mentioned in the context of using its generative fill feature to work on the AI-generated images, indicating the software's role in post-processing the artwork.


Firefly is another software tool mentioned in the video that also offers a generative fill feature. It is suggested as an alternative to Photoshop for users who may want to work with AI-generated images without the cost associated with Adobe's software.


A beta version of a software or service refers to a pre-release version that is made available to a limited audience for testing and feedback purposes. The presenter mentions joining the beta for Blue Willow AI, which implies that the service is still in development and the users can try it out and provide feedback.


The term community is used in the video to describe the group of users who are part of the Blue Willow AI Discord server. It emphasizes the social aspect of using the AI art generator, where users can share their creations, view others' work, and engage in discussions, thus forming an online community around the shared interest in AI-generated art.


A new AI called BlueWillow AI is introduced, offering free AI art generation.

Mid-journey, a popular AI art generator, is mentioned as a comparison, but it is paid.

The speaker prefers to use AI art generators if they are free.

BlueWillow AI can generate cool AI arts for wallpapers or other uses.

The speaker is impressed with the quality of the art generated by BlueWillow AI.

BlueWillow AI works similarly to Mid-journey through Discord.

The biggest difference between BlueWillow AI and Mid-journey is that BlueWillow is free.

Users can view and be inspired by other people's work within the BlueWillow AI platform.

The speaker needs to upscale the generated images for higher resolution use.

BlueWillow AI works flawlessly, similar to Mid-journey.

The platform supports the use of other languages in addition to English.

To use BlueWillow AI, one must visit the official website and join the beta through Discord.

The speaker is excited about the potential of using BlueWillow AI for personal projects.

The generated art can be upscaled and edited using free tools like Photoshop and Firefly.

The speaker shares a simple prompt to generate a new piece of art.

The community has already upscaled and appreciated one of the speaker's generated pieces.

The speaker encourages viewers to try out BlueWillow AI and have fun with it.

The video concludes with an invitation for comments and further discussion.