Forget MidJourney, This Is How I Make AI Art Now

30 Jan 202308:22

TLDRThe video introduces two free tools, Instant Art and, for generating stunning images without the need for a subscription like Mid-Journey. Instant Art offers a browser-based platform where users can view prompts and create images with various options like dimensions and model IDs. provides three models and allows users to prioritize the prompt or creativity, with credits earned hourly for free usage. Both tools enable users to generate unique, high-quality images by inputting prompts and selecting model preferences.


  • 🎨 The video introduces two free tools for creating images similar to those produced by Mid-Journey, which requires a subscription for extensive use.
  • 🌐 Instant Art is a browser-based tool that allows users to generate images without needing to use Discord or other platforms; it can be accessed at
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Users can view and draw inspiration from existing images and prompts on Instant Art, which can then be used to create new images.
  • πŸŽ† The process on Instant Art involves creating an account, selecting a prompt, and customizing the image parameters such as dimensions, model ID, and contrast level.
  • πŸ“Έ Instant Art provides options to exclude certain elements from the generated images through negative prompts.
  • πŸ› οΈ is another tool mentioned in the video, which also offers a variety of models to generate images with different styles.
  • πŸ’‘ allows users to prioritize the prompt or creativity, and choose the number of images and aspect ratio for the output.
  • πŸ’Έ While is free to use, it operates on a credit system that replenishes over time, potentially requiring users to wait between image generations.
  • 🌟 Both Instant Art and offer a diverse range of image generation options, with different models producing varied results based on the same prompt.
  • πŸ”„ The video demonstrates the flexibility of these tools by showing how different models can interpret the same prompt and produce distinct images.
  • πŸ“Ή The presenter shares a brief tutorial on how to use these tools effectively, including tips on selecting prompts and adjusting settings for desired outcomes.

Q & A

  • What are the two free tools discussed in the video for creating images?

    -The two free tools discussed in the video are Instant Art and

  • How does Instant Art work?

    -Instant Art works by allowing users to create an account and then generate images based on prompts. Users can choose from different models like Stable Diffusion or Mid-journey V4, and customize their images by selecting dimensions and adjusting settings like guidance skill.

  • What kind of images can be created with Instant Art?

    -With Instant Art, users can create a variety of images, from cityscapes with neon lights to fantasy landscapes with high levels of detail and color.

  • What is the main drawback mentioned about Instant Art?

    -The main drawback mentioned about Instant Art is the longer loading times compared to other platforms.

  • How does differ from Instant Art? offers a different user interface and provides options to prioritize either the prompt or creativity. It also allows users to choose between different models, such as Dreamlike Diffusion 1.0 and 2.0, resulting in varying styles of images.

  • What are the three different models available on

    -The three different models available on are Diffusion, Dreamlike Diffusion 1.0, and Dreamlike Diffusion 2.0.

  • How does the credit system work on

    -On, new users start with 50 credits, and they receive additional credits every hour. The cost of generating images varies depending on the model and settings chosen, but the system allows for free usage with occasional waiting for more credits.

  • What is the significance of the 'negative prompt' feature in Instant Art?

    -The 'negative prompt' feature allows users to specify elements they do not want to appear in their generated images, such as a certain color or specific objects like cars.

  • How can users find inspiration for their prompts on Instant Art?

    -Users can find inspiration for their prompts on Instant Art by browsing through existing images created by others on the platform and viewing the prompts used for those images.

  • What is the main advantage of using over Instant Art as discussed in the video?

    -The main advantage of using over Instant Art, as discussed in the video, is the variety in styles and the more realistic output that can produce, especially when using the Dreamlike Diffusion models.

  • What other tool is mentioned in the video for mid-journey-like art generation?

    -The video mentions another tool called Blue Willow, which is a mid-journey-like Discord art generation app.

  • How can users share their experiences with the tools discussed in the video?

    -Users can share their experiences with the tools discussed in the video by leaving comments on the video platform where the tutorial is posted, providing feedback on whether the tools worked out for them and if they enjoyed using the apps.



🎨 Introducing Instant Art & Dreamlike Art

The paragraph introduces two free tools, Instant Art and Dreamlike Art, as alternatives to Mid-Journey for creating stunning images. Instant Art is browser-based and allows users to see prompts others have used to generate images. The process of creating an account, finding inspiration, and generating images is outlined. The user can choose dimensions, models, and adjust settings like guidance skill. The paragraph also discusses the loading time and offers a brief comparison with Mid-Journey's style. Dreamlike Art is introduced with a focus on its models and the option to prioritize prompt or creativity. The user experience of both tools is emphasized, highlighting their capabilities to produce high-quality, diverse images without cost.


πŸ–ŒοΈ Utilizing Instant Art & Dreamlike Art for Creative Image Generation

This paragraph delves into the specifics of using Instant Art and Dreamlike Art for generating creative images. It describes the process of finding inspiration from existing images, copying prompts, and using the AI art generator in Dreamlike Art. The paragraph explains the credit system in Dreamlike Art, where new users start with 50 credits and can earn more over time, making it a free option. It also discusses the different models available and their impact on the style and quality of the generated images. The user's ability to experiment with various prompts, models, and settings is highlighted, showcasing the tools' versatility and potential for producing unique, high-quality visuals.




The term 'mid-journey' refers to a specific type of AI-powered image generation platform that creates high-quality, often stylistic images based on user-provided prompts. In the context of the video, it is a service that requires a subscription for frequent use. The video discusses alternatives to mid-journey that are free to use, such as Instant Art and

πŸ’‘Instant Art

Instant Art is a web-based tool that allows users to generate images without the need for a subscription or the use of external platforms like Discord. It offers a gallery of images to inspire users and provides the prompts that led to the creation of those images. Users can copy these prompts or create their own to generate new images in various styles and dimensions.

πŸ’‘ is another AI-powered image generation platform that users can access for free. It offers different models to create images, such as 'dreamlike diffusion one' and 'dreamlike for the real 2.0', each producing images with distinct styles. Users can prioritize the prompt or creativity and choose the number of images they wish to receive based on their credits, which are replenished over time.

πŸ’‘AI-generated images

AI-generated images are visual outputs created by artificial intelligence algorithms based on textual prompts provided by users. These images can range from realistic to highly stylized, depending on the platform and settings used. The video focuses on showcasing two free tools for generating such images without the need for a paid subscription service like mid-journey.


In the context of AI image generation, prompts are textual descriptions that guide the AI in creating an image. They often include elements such as the subject, style, and desired characteristics of the image. Prompts are crucial in determining the final output and can be found, copied, or created by users to generate new images.

πŸ’‘Web-based tool

A web-based tool is a software application that is accessed through a web browser over the internet, rather than being installed on a local device. The video introduces Instant Art and as examples of web-based tools for generating AI images, which can be used without the need for additional software or platforms.

πŸ’‘Free tools

Free tools refer to software or services that are available for use without any cost to the user. In the video, the presenter introduces two free tools, Instant Art and, which contrast with the paid subscription model of mid-journey and offer users the ability to create AI-generated images at no charge.

πŸ’‘Image dimensions

Image dimensions refer to the width and height of an image, typically measured in pixels. In AI image generation platforms, users can often choose the dimensions of their output, such as landscape, square, or portrait, to suit their specific needs or preferences.

πŸ’‘Model ID

In the context of AI image generation, a Model ID refers to the specific algorithm or version used by the platform to generate images. Different models can produce varying styles or qualities of images based on the same prompt, offering users the flexibility to choose the model that best fits their desired output.

πŸ’‘Guidance skill

Guidance skill, in the context of AI image generation, refers to the level of control the user has over the contrast and overall appearance of the generated image. Adjusting the guidance skill can lead to a more even or a more stylized image, depending on the user's preference.


In the context of the platform, credits are a virtual currency that determines how many images a user can generate. Users receive a certain number of credits when they sign up and can earn more over time, allowing them to create images for free, albeit at a potentially slower pace due to the wait for additional credits.


Introduction of two free tools for creating amazing images similar to Mid-Journey.

Instant Art is a browser-based tool that doesn't require additional platforms like Discord.

Instant Art showcases the prompts used by others for creating images, allowing users to draw inspiration.

Users can create an account on Instant Art and immediately access a variety of images.

Instant Art enables users to download images they create.

The process of generating images on Instant Art involves describing the image and using negative prompts to exclude unwanted elements.

Instant Art offers different model IDs for varied image generation styles, including a Mid-Journey V4 fine-tuned model. is another tool introduced for generating images with a focus on different models and styles. allows users to prioritize the prompt or creativity, and choose the aspect ratio of the generated images.

The use of the Stream model in can produce highly realistic images. operates on a credit system, with new credits earned every hour, making it a free tool with occasional waiting times.

The same prompt can yield different results when used with different models within

The video provides a comparison between the images generated by Instant Art and using the same prompt.

The presenter shares a tip about not closing the generation tab while images are being created.

Instant Art can sometimes have long loading times, which is a trade-off for using a free tool.

The video concludes with a mention of another video about Blue Willow, a Mid-Journey-like Discord art generation app.

The presenter invites viewers to share their experiences and enjoyment of the tools presented in the video.