Lexica Ai Tutorial (How to Use Lexica to Create Unique Ai Art Images)

Tech Tricks Tutorial
16 May 202309:00

TLDRThe video script introduces Lexica AI, a platform for generating AI images. Users can create and search for images by signing up with an account. The interface includes tabs for home, generate, history, likes, and account. Features highlighted include the ability to customize images with details, adjust dimensions, and use advanced settings for intricate designs. The platform offers free use for non-commercial purposes, with subscription plans available for those intending to sell their artwork.


  • 🌐 Lexica AI is an online platform that generates AI images, ranging from architectural designs to animations and more.
  • πŸ“ Users can search for images on the website and explore a variety of AI-generated content.
  • πŸ” The platform offers a simple interface with tabs for home, generate, history, likes, and account management.
  • πŸ’» To get started, users need to sign in or create an account using Google or an email address.
  • 🎨 After signing up, users can create and generate their own images, as well as search and like existing ones.
  • πŸ”Ž The magnifying glass icon allows users to find similar images, while the heart icon saves images to the 'likes' section.
  • ✨ The magic wand icon enables users to generate an image using a specific prompt, with options to customize details.
  • πŸ“ Users can adjust the dimensions of their generated images and modify advanced settings like the guidance scale.
  • πŸ”„ The platform provides a history of generated images and a section for managing liked images.
  • πŸ’° Lexica AI offers different subscription plans for users who wish to use generated images for commercial purposes.
  • πŸ†“ The platform is free to use, but subscriptions are necessary for commercial use or selling artwork.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the Tech tricks tutorial video?

    -The main topic of the Tech tricks tutorial video is an introduction and guide on how to use Lexica AI, a platform for generating AI images.

  • How can one access the Lexica AI platform?

    -To access the Lexica AI platform, open a web browser and search for 'lexica.ai', which will direct you to the home page with various AI-generated images.

  • What types of images can be found on Lexica AI's home page?

    -On Lexica AI's home page, one can find a variety of AI-generated images ranging from architectural designs, graphic designs, animations, models, robots, animals, and famous movie characters.

  • What are the tabs visible on the upper corner of the Lexica AI website?

    -The tabs visible on the upper corner of the Lexica AI website include Home, Generate, History, Likes, and Account.

  • How does one sign up for an account on Lexica AI?

    -To sign up for an account on Lexica AI, click on 'Get Started' on the upper right corner of the screen and choose to sign up with a Google account or by entering an email address.

  • What can users do after signing up for Lexica AI?

    -After signing up, users can create and generate their own images, search for images, and save images they like or add to their history.

  • How can users find similar images to a specific AI-generated image on Lexica AI?

    -Users can find similar images by clicking on the magnifying glass icon next to an image, which will provide a selection of images with similar prompts.

  • What is the purpose of the heart and magic wand icons on Lexica AI?

    -The heart icon allows users to save an image to their 'Likes', while the magic wand icon enables users to create a new image using the prompt from the selected image.

  • How can users customize the dimensions and settings of an image they want to generate on Lexica AI?

    -Users can adjust the dimensions by choosing between Square, Portrait, or Landscape formats. They can also modify advanced settings like the guidance scale to control the intricacy of the generated image.

  • What are the different plans available for users who want to use Lexica AI images for commercial purposes?

    -The plans available for commercial use include Pro, Starter, and Max, each offering different features and allowances for using the generated images.

  • Is there a cost associated with using Lexica AI for non-commercial purposes?

    -No, there is no cost for using Lexica AI for non-commercial purposes. Users can freely generate and enjoy the AI images without needing a subscription.

  • How can users explore the images they have generated or liked on Lexica AI?

    -Users can browse their generated images under the 'History' tab and view the images they have liked by clicking on the 'Likes' tab in their account.



🌐 Introduction to Lexica AI and Navigating the Website

This paragraph introduces viewers to Lexica AI, an online platform for generating AI images. It guides beginners on how to access the website, explore its features, and sign up for an account. The platform offers a variety of AI-generated images, including architectural designs, graphics, animations, and more. Users can search for images, like and save their favorites, and the interface includes tabs for home, generate, history, likes, and account. The process of signing up with a Google account or via email is explained, along with the ability to create and generate unique images after account creation.


πŸ” Exploring Image Options and Generating Custom Content

This paragraph delves into the functionalities available for generating and customizing images on Lexica AI. It explains how users can interact with images, such as using the magnifying glass icon to find similar images, the heart icon to save liked images, and the magic wand icon to create new images based on a prompt. The paragraph also discusses the ability to refine prompts by adding or removing details, and adjusting the image format and settings for more intricate or specific results. The process of browsing through account history and liked images is also covered, along with the different subscription plans available for users who wish to use the generated images for commercial purposes.



πŸ’‘Lexica AI

Lexica AI is the main subject of the video, which is an artificial intelligence platform that generates images based on user input. It is described as a tool with a wide range of applications, from architectural designs to animations and famous characters. The platform is accessible through a web browser and offers a user-friendly interface for creating and searching for AI-generated images.

πŸ’‘AI-generated images

AI-generated images refer to visual content created by artificial intelligence algorithms based on specific prompts or descriptions provided by users. These images can range from realistic to stylized representations and are used to illustrate or bring to life the conceptsθΎ“ε…₯ by users. In the context of the video, AI-generated images are the primary output of Lexica AI, showcasing the technology's capability to produce diverse and imaginative visual content.

πŸ’‘User Interface

The user interface, often abbreviated as UI, is the space where interactions between users and the system occur. In the video, the user interface of Lexica AI is described as having various tabs such as Home, Generate, History, Likes, and Account, which allow users to navigate and utilize the platform effectively. A well-designed UI ensures that users can easily access features and perform tasks, contributing to a positive user experience.

πŸ’‘Sign Up

Sign up refers to the process of creating an account on a platform, which typically involves providing personal information such as an email address or using a social media account like Google to register. In the context of the video, signing up for Lexica AI is the first step for users to start generating and searching for AI-generated images, indicating the platform's accessibility and user-friendliness.

πŸ’‘Search Function

The search function is a feature that allows users to look for specific content or information within a platform or a website. In Lexica AI, as described in the video, the search function enables users to find AI-generated images that match their interests or prompts. This tool is essential for navigating the vast array of images available on the platform and finding inspiration or specific visual content.

πŸ’‘Generate Tab

The Generate tab is a key feature within Lexica AI that allows users to create their own AI-generated images. This tab provides options for users to input prompts, adjust settings like dimensions and guidance scale, and generate unique images based on their specifications. The Generate tab embodies the creative aspect of the platform, empowering users to bring their ideas to life through AI-generated visual content.


The 'Likes' feature on Lexica AI is a way for users to save and categorize images that they appreciate or find interesting. By clicking the heart icon next to an image, users can collect their favorite AI-generated images in a dedicated section, making it easier to revisit and draw inspiration from them later. This function enhances the user experience by providing a personalized space for users to track their preferences.


An account on Lexica AI is the user's personal space within the platform, where they can manage their generated images, view their likes, and access various settings and plans. The account is essential for users who wish to utilize the platform's features fully, as it enables them to keep track of their creations and preferences, and offers options for commercial use if desired.

πŸ’‘Commercial Use

Commercial use refers to the application of a product, service, or content for monetary gain or business purposes. In the context of Lexica AI, it involves using the AI-generated images for selling or profit-making activities. The platform offers different plans, such as Pro, Starter, or Max, which may be relevant for users who intend to engage in commercial use of the images, ensuring they have the necessary permissions and features to do so legally and effectively.

πŸ’‘Advanced Settings

Advanced settings are options within a platform or software that allow users to customize and fine-tune the functionality to better suit their needs. In Lexica AI, advanced settings include modifying the guidance scale, which adjusts the intricacy and quality of the AI-generated images. These settings are crucial for users seeking greater control over the output, enabling them to produce more refined or unique visual content.

πŸ’‘Upload Image

The 'Upload Image' feature allows users to submit their own images as a prompt for the AI to generate new content. This functionality expands the creative possibilities of the platform, as it enables users to incorporate existing visual elements into their AI-generated images, creating a blend of user input and AI interpretation.


Introduction to Lexica AI and its capabilities.

Accessing the home page of Lexica AI by searching for 'lexica.ai'.

Overview of AI-generated images available on the platform, ranging from architectural designs to famous characters.

Explanation of the website's interface, including tabs for Home, Generate, History, Likes, and Account.

Instructions on signing up for Lexica AI using a Google account or an email address.

Demonstration of creating and generating unique images using the platform.

How to search for similar images using the magnifying glass icon.

Process of saving images to 'Likes' and generating new images from those prompts.

Customization options for generating images, including adding details like dog breeds and costumes.

Adjusting the dimensions and format of generated images through the settings.

Explanation of advanced settings for modifying the guidance scale of image generation.

Browsing and maximizing account history and liked images for further inspiration.

Copying and pasting prompts from liked images to create new, similar images.

Use of the 'Upload Image' feature to generate AI images based on user-provided prompts.

Information on different subscription plans for commercial use of generated images.

Emphasis on the free use of Lexica AI for non-commercial purposes and as a creative tool.

Creative trick of typing random words and symbols to generate unique images.

Conclusion and summary of how to use Lexica AI effectively.