These Runway AI Video Updates are Insane!

Curious Refuge
21 Nov 202327:37

TLDRThe video script discusses the rapid advancements in AI filmmaking, highlighting new tools like Korea for sketch enhancement and Runway's algorithm update for improved video quality. It compares different AI platforms, showcases innovative examples from the community, and touches on the implications of AI in film competitions and the future of the industry. The script also covers the introduction of AI chatbots and their potential applications in screenwriting and filmmaking, emphasizing the growing role of AI in enhancing creative processes and expanding audience reach through language translation and dubbing.


  • 🎨 Korea introduces a tool that transforms rough sketches into realistic storyboards, enhancing the creativity in AI-assisted filmmaking.
  • πŸ”„ Runway's algorithm update offers superior image quality, showcasing the rapid evolution of AI in filmmaking.
  • πŸ“½ Comparison of Runway and Pabs reveals nuanced differences in image-to-video and text-to-video capabilities, with each having distinct strengths.
  • πŸš€ Nicholas Nert demonstrates the potential of Runway in creating cinematic drone footage from text, highlighting AI's impact on future filmmaking.
  • πŸ” The film industry is on the brink of using AI for enhancing realism in establishing shots and details, promising a transformative shift in production techniques.
  • ✨ Runway's new motion brush feature allows precise control over animations in still images, showcasing innovative approaches to visual effects.
  • 🎞 Pabs announces its 1.0 version, indicating progress in AI tools for filmmaking and animation, including website-based operations.
  • πŸ€– Meta explores AI in video editing, emphasizing the industry's move towards more efficient and creative content creation.
  • πŸ›  OpenAI's Dev Day highlights include extended knowledge base, improved performance, and the introduction of AI chat bots for customized task handling.
  • πŸ‘₯ Hollywood's SAG strike resolution includes terms for digital replicas and AI-generated actors, setting precedents for AI's role in acting and filmmaking.

Q & A

  • What is the new AI tool introduced in the script called?

    -The new AI tool introduced is called Korea, which allows users to sketch and then automatically enhances the quality of the sketches using AI.

  • How does the AI tool Korea work?

    -Korea works by enabling users to draw rough sketches and storyboards, which the AI then enhances to make them more realistic.

  • What updates were made to Runway's algorithm?

    -Runway updated their algorithm to provide even better quality in their AI-generated images and videos.

  • What are the advantages of using Runway over Pabs in terms of video quality?

    -While both Runway and Pabs produce incredible results, Runway offers more control over camera movement and direction, and its Gen 2 algorithm improves the overall realism and cinematic feel of the videos.

  • What issue does Runway's new algorithm still struggle with?

    -Runway's new algorithm still struggles with exposure problems, where the first few frames of the video may become brighter or darker depending on the uploaded asset.

  • What is the significance of Nicholas Nert's example using Runway?

    -Nicholas Nert's example showcases the potential of Runway's technology by creating cinematic results from drone footage using text to image and negative prompting to achieve the desired outcome.

  • What is the motion brush feature in Runway?

    -The motion brush feature in Runway allows users to selectively edit parts of an image frame by brushing in the areas they want to animate, while keeping everything else static.

  • What are the key takeaways from the SAG strike resolution regarding AI in filmmaking?

    -The SAG strike resolution stipulates that actors must consent to the creation of digital replicas of their likeness, they must be paid the day rate for AI-used likenesses, and they receive residual payments when their likeness is used on screen. Studios can change an actor's performance with consent, and synthetic actors are allowed.

  • How is the new tool called Blockade revolutionizing virtual productions?

    -Blockade allows users to generate a 360-degree world based on their prompts, which can be used for VR development, reflection maps, or virtual productions, making it a highly user-friendly tool for creating immersive environments quickly.

  • What is the impact of the 1979 Jesus movie using AI for dubbing?

    -The use of AI for dubbing the 1979 Jesus movie into an additional 200 languages with native lip-syncing signifies a significant advancement in making films accessible globally and sets a precedent for future films to utilize AI for automatic dubbing.

  • What does the study from Oxford suggest about AI's capability in healthcare?

    -The study from Oxford suggests that AI can predict heart attacks up to 10 years in the future by analyzing heart scans, potentially outperforming human detection of irregularities.



πŸ–ŒοΈ Introduction to AI in Filmmaking

The video begins with an introduction to the world of AI in filmmaking, highlighting a new tool called 'Korea' that allows users to sketch and have AI enhance the quality of these sketches. The discussion then moves to comparing Runway and Pabs, two AI platforms, in terms of image to video conversion and text to video quality. The video notes that while Pabs offers more realism in cinematic movements, Runway provides better control over camera direction. It also mentions Runway's exposure problem and the improvements in their new algorithm. The segment ends with a showcase of Nicholas Nert's work, demonstrating the potential of AI in filmmaking.


πŸŽ₯ Advancements and Competitions in AI Filmmaking

This paragraph discusses the ongoing advancements in AI filmmaking tools, such as Runway's new motion brush feature, which allows selective editing of image frames. It also covers the announcement of Pabs' upcoming version and its potential for web-based operations. The video mentions a Halloween competition where AI was used to create films, and the creator's personal involvement as a judge. Furthermore, it highlights an AI holiday film competition with a significant cash prize. The paragraph also touches on Meta's research into a new video editing model using AI and the potential for multimodal experiences in editing.


πŸ€– AI Chatbots and Open AI Developments

The focus of this paragraph is on the latest news from Open AI, including updates to the Chat GPT tool, which now allows for longer input prompts and the use of multiple tools within a single chat. It introduces the concept of customizable AI chatbots for specific tasks, which can be shared with others. The video provides a demonstration of creating a customized GPT agent for screenwriting advice and emphasizes the potential of these agents for filmmakers. The paragraph also mentions the recent changes in Open AI's leadership and rumors about the return of the former CEO.


🌐 New AI Tools and Their Applications

This paragraph introduces several new AI tools and their applications in filmmaking. It discusses the fine-tuning model by Mid Journey for consistent visual styles, the Blockade tool for virtual production, and the potential of AI to create realistic worlds based on prompts. The video also mentions the BFX festival and the showcase of Curious Refuge films, emphasizing the community's role in the development of AI in filmmaking. Additionally, it highlights the enrollment for an AI filmmaking course, emphasizing the opportunities it provides for learning and networking with industry professionals.


🎬 AI in Dubbing and Hollywood Strikes

The video addresses the use of AI in dubbing to expand the audience of films, such as the 1979 'Jesus' movie, by translating it into additional languages with native lip-syncing. It also discusses the resolution of the biggest strike in Hollywood's history, which includes provisions for AI-generated performances and digital doubles. The paragraph explains the implications of these resolutions for actors and the film industry, including wage increases, bonuses, and the rights of performers regarding their digital replicas.


πŸ† Showcase of AI Films and Innovations

The final paragraph of the video script is dedicated to showcasing AI films of the week, highlighting the creativity and innovation in the use of AI in filmmaking. It features a fashion project by a Curious Refuge community member, a film called 'The Merge' created for a Halloween contest, and a rap video made by a student using an AI tool. The video concludes with a mention of an Oxford study that demonstrates AI's ability to predict heart attacks up to 10 years in advance, showcasing the broader applications of AI technology.



πŸ’‘AI Filmmaking

AI Filmmaking refers to the use of artificial intelligence tools and algorithms in the creation and production of films. In the context of the video, it highlights the emerging technologies that automate and enhance various aspects of filmmaking, such as sketching, animation, and video editing, thereby transforming the traditional filmmaking process.


Runway is an AI platform mentioned in the video that specializes in converting text to video and image to video. It has updated its algorithm for better quality and also introduced a motion brush feature for selective image frame editing. Runway is seen as a significant player in the advancement of AI filmmaking tools.


Pabs is another AI tool referenced in the video, which is used for creating animations and videos from still images. It is noted for its upcoming version and its potential for animation, as demonstrated by a video created by Matan Cohen grummy. Pabs is part of the evolving landscape of AI in filmmaking.

πŸ’‘AI Video Editing

AI Video Editing involves the use of artificial intelligence to assist in the editing process of videos, from automating mundane tasks to providing creative suggestions. In the video, AI video editing is presented as a growing field with new tools and models being developed, such as the one created by first AI machine.

πŸ’‘Meta AI

Meta AI refers to the artificial intelligence research and development efforts by Meta (formerly Facebook). In the context of the video, Meta AI is working on a new video editing model that could have significant implications for filmmakers, although it is not yet available for public use.

πŸ’‘Open AI

Open AI is an AI research organization that develops and releases various AI tools and models, such as ChatGPT. In the video, Open AI's updates and tools, like the new API features and the introduction of AI chatbots, are highlighted as influential in the realm of AI filmmaking and creativity.

πŸ’‘AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots are conversational agents powered by artificial intelligence that can be customized for specific tasks. In the video, the introduction of AI chatbots by Open AI is emphasized, allowing users to create and share bots tailored for recurring tasks, which can be particularly useful in collaborative filmmaking environments.

πŸ’‘Virtual Production

Virtual Production is the use of virtual environments and computer-generated elements in the filmmaking process. The video mentions the tool 'blockade' that generates 360-degree worlds based on prompts, which can be utilized in virtual productions for creating realistic settings without physical filming.

πŸ’‘AI Dubbing

AI Dubbing involves using artificial intelligence to automatically translate and dub films into different languages, including native lip-syncing. This technology expands the reach of films to global audiences by making them accessible in various languages without the need for manual dubbing.

πŸ’‘SAG Strike

The SAG Strike refers to a labor dispute involving the Screen Actors Guild, which represents actors in the film and television industry. In the video, the resolution of the strike includes wage increases and new rules regarding the use of actors' likenesses in AI-generated content, impacting the future of AI filmmaking and performers' rights.

πŸ’‘AI Filmmaking Course

An AI Filmmaking Course is an educational program focused on teaching the skills and techniques required to utilize artificial intelligence in filmmaking. The video promotes an upcoming course session, emphasizing the opportunities it provides for learning from industry professionals and the potential for job placement in the field of AI filmmaking.


A new AI tool called Korea has been introduced, allowing users to sketch and then automatically enhance the quality of their sketches using AI.

Runway has updated their algorithm to provide even better quality in their AI film making tools.

Comparative analysis shows that Runway's Gen 2 has better realism in cinematic movements, but PAB has more control over camera movement and direction.

Runway's text-to-video quality is considered better than P Labs, with more cinematic results.

Runway's new algorithm still has an exposure issue with the first few frames of the video.

Nicholas Nert's example of AI filmmaking using Runway showcases the potential of the technology in creating cinematic results from drone footage.

A presentation by the speaker and Shelby predicts that in about 12 months, the feature film and TV industry will use AI for establishing shots and details.

Runway's new motion brush feature allows users to selectively edit parts of an image frame by brushing them.

Pabs announced their 1.0 version coming soon, which will allow operation on an actual website and showcase animation potential.

Curious Refuge and Epidemic Sound AI holiday film competition is currently ongoing with a deadline until December 6th and prizes including $5,000.

Meta is researching a new video editing model using artificial intelligence, though it's not yet available for public use.

Open AI's new API updates include a more up-to-date knowledge base, longer input prompts up to 300 book pages, and better performance for enterprise customers.

The introduction of AI chatbots by Open AI allows users to customize a specific bot for repetitive tasks and share it with others.

Sam Altman's departure as CEO of Open AI and rumors of his possible return due to investor pressure.

Elon Musk announced a new language model, Grock, which will have less censorship and real-time access to Twitter's data for training the algorithm.

Mid Journey's fine-tuning model allows for consistent style creation, which could be useful for filmmakers needing a uniform aesthetic.

Blockade is a new tool for virtual productions that generates a 360-degree world based on user prompts, which can be used for VR development or virtual sets.

The 1979 Jesus movie is using AI to translate and dub the film into an additional 200 languages with native lip syncing.

The biggest strike in Hollywood's history came to a close with new agreements including wage increases, bonuses, and residuals for actors whose likeness is used in AI-generated content.

AI film of the week showcases a fashion project by a Curious Refuge Community member and a rap video by student Aliky using AI tool Uberduck.

A study by Oxford indicates that AI can predict heart attacks up to 10 years in the future by analyzing heart scans more effectively than humans.