redesigning my little pony gen 5! ☆ || speedpaint + commentary

30 Mar 202413:35

TLDRIn this sponsored video, the artist shares their mixed feelings about 'My Little Pony's' fifth generation, particularly focusing on the redesign of the main characters, Sunny and Izzy. The artist critiques the original character designs for being uninteresting and lacking the charm of previous generations. They provide a detailed commentary on their redesign process, aiming to make the characters more distinct and appealing. Sunny's design is brightened up to better reflect her name, with a focus on a yellow-orange pelt and teal mane. Izzy's redesign involves a personality shift to a more mellow and craft-focused character, with a color palette adjusted to a dull blue-gray purple and a new moon and star pin cushion cutie mark. The video ends with a teaser for future redesigns and a call for viewer engagement in the comments.


  • 🎨 The video is sponsored by Unveil, a platform for housing and customizing OC (Original Character) profiles.
  • 🌟 The creator has mixed feelings about My Little Pony's fifth generation, appreciating new settings but finding the character designs uninteresting.
  • 🔄 The main character, Sunny Starscout, is felt to be less interesting compared to previous protagonists and her design is criticized for being too similar to Scootaloo.
  • 🎨 The redesign for Sunny includes a brighter color palette and a more significant representation of her cutie mark to make her more distinct.
  • 🌙 Izzy's redesign shifts her personality to be more mellow and gloomy, contrasting with Sunny, making her the 'moon' to Sunny's 'sun'.
  • 🧶 Izzy's special talent in crafts is emphasized, and she is portrayed as a unique character with a passion for arts and crafts, diverging from being a Pinkie Pie clone.
  • 🧵 Changes to Izzy's design include a new color palette and accessories that reflect her personality and interests in crafts.
  • ✨ The creator plans to work on redesigns for other characters from the series, hinting at upcoming videos.
  • 📽 The video mentions that the creator is working on a big project and may release shorter videos for a few months.
  • 👀 The audience is encouraged to follow the creator on Instagram and Twitter for updates and exclusive content.
  • 💬 The creator asks for feedback in the comments about what kind of content the audience would like to see next.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the video?

    -The title of the video is 'redesigning my little pony gen 5! ☆ || speedpaint + commentary'.

  • What was the creator's initial stance on My Little Pony's fifth generation?

    -The creator was initially skeptical but also optimistic about My Little Pony's fifth generation.

  • Which aspects of the fifth generation did the creator find appealing?

    -The creator liked the new settings introduced in the fifth generation, such as Maritime Bay and Zephyr Heights.

  • What was the creator's main issue with the new characters in the fifth generation?

    -The creator found the new characters to be either boring or annoying, with some being too similar to the main six from the previous generation.

  • How did the creator feel about Sunny Star's design?

    -The creator felt that Sunny Star's design was boring and not reflective of her name, comparing her unfavorably to Scootaloo from the previous generation.

  • What changes did the creator make to Sunny Star's design to make her more distinct?

    -The creator changed Sunny Star's pelt to a brighter yellow-orange and altered her mane's color to differentiate her from Scootaloo and Apple Bloom.

  • What was the creator's opinion on Izzy's personality and design?

    -The creator felt that Izzy was too similar to Pinkie Pie and wanted to give her a more unique and interesting personality and design.

  • How did the creator change Izzy's personality in the redesign?

    -The creator gave Izzy a more mellow and gloomy personality, similar to Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club, to contrast with Sunny Star's upbeat nature.

  • What was the creator's approach to redesigning Izzy's design?

    -The creator added more accessories to Izzy's design, changed her hair, and adjusted her color palette to be more dull and less saturated to better fit her new personality.

  • What was the sponsor of the video?

    -The video was sponsored by Unveil, a platform for housing and customizing original character (OC) profiles.

  • What is the creator working on behind the scenes?

    -The creator is working on a big project, which is why the videos might be shorter for the next few months.

  • What does the creator plan to do in the future?

    -The creator plans to continue working on redesigns for other characters from the fifth generation and possibly create more tips and tricks videos and draw-with-me videos.



🤔 Mixed Feelings on My Little Pony's Fifth Generation

The speaker begins by expressing initial skepticism and optimism towards the fifth generation of My Little Pony, particularly after watching the movie on Netflix. They appreciated new settings like Maritime Bay and Zephyr Heights but had mixed feelings about the new characters, finding them either unremarkable or irritating. The character designs were criticized for being boring and basic, with the exception of Zip, who stood out. The speaker also mentions a sponsor, Unveil, which provides a platform for customizing and showcasing original characters (OCs), and discusses their personal experience with the service.


🎨 Redesigning Sunny Star Scout and Izzy Moonbow

The speaker focuses on redesigning two characters from the new generation, Sunny Star Scout and Izzy Moonbow. They discuss their dissatisfaction with Sunny's resemblance to Scootaloo and her lack of a distinct personality and design. The redesign aims to make Sunny more visually appealing and distinct from Scootaloo by changing her color palette and adding a scarf and bows. The speaker also addresses Izzy's design, expressing a desire to differentiate her from being a Pinkie Pie clone. They reimagine Izzy with a more mellow and gloomy personality, akin to Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club, and a design that reflects her passion for crafts and arts. The speaker also talks about their creative process and the changes made to Izzy's accessories and color palette to better suit her new personality.


📅 Future Plans for Redesigns and Content Creation

The speaker mentions that they have started working on redesigns for other characters, Zip and Pips, but are undecided about Hitch. They acknowledge the challenge of maintaining motivation for certain franchises and express a desire to diversify their content beyond redesign videos. They are open to creating more tips and tricks videos and draw-with-me content. The speaker also promotes their social media presence and Patreon, where they offer exclusive content for different subscription tiers. They thank their patrons and the sponsor, Unveil, before concluding the video.



💡My Little Pony

My Little Pony is a popular franchise known for its animated series and movies that feature colorful ponies in a magical land. In the context of this video, the creator discusses their skepticism and mixed feelings about the fifth generation of the series, which they viewed on Netflix. This franchise is central to the video as the creator critiques the characters, settings, and overall design from the new generation compared to the previous ones.

💡Generation 4 (G4)

Generation 4 refers to the fourth iteration of the My Little Pony franchise, which includes 'Friendship is Magic.' The creator of the video fondly recalls this generation, comparing its character traits and designs favorably against the newer Generation 5. The creator's emotional connection to G4 shapes their critique of G5, highlighting the depth and recognizability of G4 characters.

💡character design

Character design refers to the creation and styling of characters in visual media. The creator critiques the designs of Generation 5's characters, labeling them as boring and overly simplistic, lacking the charm and distinction of previous generations. They use examples like the main character Sunny, describing how her design does not convey her name or personality effectively.


Sunny is a main character in My Little Pony's fifth generation. The video's creator finds Sunny's design underwhelming, comparing her unfavorably to G4's Twilight Sparkle. The creator elaborates on how Sunny's color palette and overall appearance fail to reflect her name, and how this is symptomatic of broader design issues in Generation 5.


Izzy is another character from My Little Pony's fifth generation. The creator discusses how Izzy seems to be a blend of Rarity and Pinkie Pie from G4, lacking originality. The video explains the creator's redesign process for Izzy, aiming to give her a more unique personality and appearance, moving away from the perceived clone-like nature.


The video mentions 'unveil' as its sponsor, a platform for showcasing original characters (OCs). This sponsorship allows the creator to discuss features of Unveil, like customizable pages and artist credits, while also emphasizing the platform's stance against AI and NFTs. This sponsorship interlinks with the video's theme of character creation and design.


Redesign in this context refers to the creator's process of reimagining the characters of My Little Pony's fifth generation to address their perceived flaws. The creator aims to enhance personality contrast, color dynamics, and overall appeal through these redesigns, as explained through their work on characters like Sunny and Izzy.

💡cutie marks

Cutie marks are unique symbols on the flanks of ponies in My Little Pony, representing a character's special talent or personality trait. The creator is disappointed that cutie marks are not emphasized in Generation 5, and part of their redesign effort includes giving more meaningful and representative cutie marks to characters like Sunny and Izzy.


In the My Little Pony universe, magic is a significant element, particularly for unicorns and Alicorns. The creator mentions how the loss of magic in unicorns and the ability to fly in pegasi in Generation 5 is a plot point. The creator's redesign of Izzy reflects this, making her less dependent on magic, even potentially after its restoration.

💡Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie is a beloved character from Generation 4, known for her quirky, fun, and bubbly personality. The creator compares Izzy to Pinkie Pie, suggesting that Izzy attempts to capture Pinkie Pie's charm but falls short, leading to the decision to give Izzy a more distinct and subdued personality in the redesign.


The video is sponsored by Unveil, a platform for housing and customizing Original Characters (OCs).

The speaker has mixed opinions on My Little Pony's fifth generation, appreciating new settings but finding the characters uninteresting.

The character Sunny Starscout is critiqued for not visually representing her name and being compared to Scootaloo.

Sunny's design is considered boring, lacking the appeal of Generation 4 characters.

The redesign of Sunny Starscout includes a brighter color palette to better reflect her name.

Izzy's character is seen as a Pinkie Pie clone and is redesigned with a more unique and mellow personality.

Izzy's new personality is inspired by Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club, aiming for a distinct contrast to Sunny.

The redesign of Izzy focuses on her passion for arts and crafts, making her home a reflection of her creativity.

Izzy's color palette is adjusted to better fit her new personality, with a more muted and less saturated scheme.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of cutie marks in the characters' identities and redesigns them to be more meaningful.

The video mentions that the speaker is working on a big project and may have shorter videos for a few months.

Redemption of the G5 pony designs is attempted to make them more appealing and distinct from previous generations.

The video provides a sneak peek into the speaker's process of redesigning other characters from the series.

The speaker invites feedback and suggestions from the audience for future redesigns and video content.

The video concludes with gratitude to the sponsor Unveil and a teaser for upcoming content.