Cómo usar LEXICA para hacer Imágenes con Inteligencia Artificial - Alternativa a Midjourney

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7 Feb 202304:20

TLDRThis video tutorial guides viewers through the process of using lexica.art to find inspiration, understand prompt mechanics for enhancing image generation, and create their own high-quality images directly on the platform. Unlike Meet Journey, which allows for the generation of 25 images per month, lexica.art ups the ante with up to 100 free images. The walkthrough covers how to access lexica.art, navigate its features, and utilize both positive and negative prompts for tailored results. Additionally, the tutorial delves into generating variations and expanding images with outpainting, all aimed at simplifying the use of AI in art creation. This comprehensive guide not only teaches effective prompt writing but also offers a fantastic alternative for artistic exploration.


  • 📚 Lexica.art is a platform that allows users to generate up to 100 free images per month, offering a high-quality alternative to Meet Journey.
  • 📱 Accessing Lexica.art is straightforward; users can enter the website by typing its URL in their browser's address bar.
  • 🔎 The website features a vast collection of random images generated by other users, showcasing the quality nearly on par with Midjourney.
  • 📍 Users can explore prompts, characteristics, models, dimensions, and more for each image, providing insight into how they were created.
  • 🔍 Lexica allows for thematic searches, enabling users to filter images by themes like 'mountain' to find specific types of content.
  • 💻 Generating images directly on the site is made easy with a 'generate' button, contrasting with Meet Journey's limit by allowing up to 100 free images monthly.
  • 🛠 Advanced options are available for image generation, including defining image dimensions, aspect ratio, and contrast level, with default settings provided.
  • 👨‍💻 The platform supports negative prompts, similar to Stable Diffusion, allowing users to specify what they want to exclude from the image.
  • 📸 Users can create aesthetically pleasing images from simple descriptions, demonstrating the effectiveness of Lexica's AI and its user-friendly interface.
  • 🖊 Out Paint feature offers the ability to generate coherent environments around images, similar to DALL-E 2, enhancing creativity and customization.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is how to use the website Léxica.art for finding inspiration, understanding how image generation prompts work, and creating high-quality images directly on the platform.

  • How does Léxica.art differ from other image generation platforms like Midjourney?

    -Léxica.art differs from Midjourney in that it allows users to generate up to 100 free images per month, as opposed to only 25 on Midjourney. Additionally, Léxica.art uses its own models for image generation, which are trained separately and are not common with other platforms.

  • What kind of images can be generated using Léxica.art?

    -Léxica.art can generate a wide variety of images, including geometric 3D mountains, landscapes with stars and recent moons, and more. Users can describe their desired image with text, and the platform will generate images based on that description.

  • How can users find inspiration on Léxica.art?

    -Users can find inspiration by browsing through the gallery of images generated by other users, which showcases various themes, styles, and the prompts used to create them.

  • What is the role of prompts in image generation on Léxica.art?

    -Prompts are textual descriptions that guide the image generation process. They help the user specify the elements, style, and characteristics they want to see in the generated image.

  • How can users refine their image generation process on Léxica.art?

    -Users can refine their image generation by adjusting settings such as image dimensions, aspect ratio, and contrast level. They can also use negative prompts to exclude specific concepts from the image.

  • What is the 'Out Paint' feature on Léxica.art?

    -The 'Out Paint' feature allows users to generate a coherent environment around the image, creating variations and extending the original image in a consistent manner.

  • How does the video script suggest using Léxica.art for learning purposes?

    -The video script suggests that Léxica.art can be used not only for generating AI images but also for learning how to correctly describe images using specific prompts, which can be helpful for improving one's skills in image generation across different platforms.

  • What is the significance of the AI technology used by Léxica.art?

    -The AI technology used by Léxica.art, which is based on stable diffusion, allows for the generation of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing images that are almost on par with those produced by Midjourney.

  • How can users register for Léxica.art?

    -Users can register for Léxica.art directly from their email account, which simplifies the process and allows them to start generating images right away.

  • What is the video's final recommendation for viewers?

    -The video recommends that viewers subscribe to the channel to continue learning about the latest artistic innovations in the field of artificial intelligence in Spanish.



🎨 Discovering Lexica.art: A Guide to Generating Stunning AI Art

This video tutorial guides viewers through utilizing Lexica.art to find inspiration, understand prompt use for enhancing images, and generate their own high-quality images directly from the platform. Unlike Meet Journey, where only 25 free images are available monthly, Lexica allows the creation of up to 100 free images. The video begins by showing how to access Lexica.art, presenting a variety of spectacular user-generated images and detailing how to view the prompts and characteristics used for each. It then explains how to use the site's search functionality to filter images by theme, such as mountains, to display related images with different prompts, characteristics, and styles. The process of generating images on Lexica is demonstrated, highlighting the ability to create up to 100 free images per month, the use of a text box for image description, and the inclusion of 'negative prompts' to exclude specific concepts. The tutorial showcases the unique aspects of Lexica, such as its training on proprietary models not commonly used on other platforms, providing an easy-to-use web interface for generating aesthetically pleasing images with almost the same quality level as Meet Journey, without the need to sift through hundreds of user-generated images. Finally, the video demonstrates the 'out paint' feature, which creates a coherent environment around the generated images, offering an easy and comfortable platform not just for creating AI images but also for learning to correctly describe them with specific prompts and finding inspiration.




Lexica.art is described in the video as a website where users can generate high-quality images using artificial intelligence, similar to the capabilities of another platform mentioned, Meet Journey. It stands out by allowing users to generate up to 100 free images per month. Lexica.art serves as a practical tool for finding inspiration, understanding how prompts can improve image quality, and creating custom images directly on the platform.


Prompts are textual inputs that describe the desired output image in AI image generation tools. In the video, prompts are crucial for guiding the AI to produce specific types of images, such as 'geometric mountains in 3D with moons, stars, etc.' Understanding how to effectively use prompts is essential for utilizing lexica.art and other AI-based image generation platforms, as it directly affects the creativity and quality of the generated images.

💡Free images

The video highlights that unlike Meet Journey, lexica.art offers the ability to generate up to 100 free images per month. This feature is significant for users seeking to explore AI image generation without a financial commitment, making lexica.art an attractive option for beginners and those needing a large volume of images for inspiration or projects.

💡Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is mentioned as the underlying AI technology for image generation on both lexica.art and Meet Journey. It is a model known for its capability to create detailed and coherent images based on textual descriptions. The video notes that lexica.art's version of Stable Diffusion is trained on its unique datasets, implying a distinctiveness in the output compared to other platforms using the same technology.

💡Negative Prompts

Negative prompts are a feature that allows users to specify what elements they want excluded from the generated image. This is important for refining the output and ensuring the AI avoids incorporating undesired themes or objects. The video explains how lexica.art supports negative prompts, similar to Stable Diffusion, enhancing the control users have over the image generation process.


The script mentions several customization options available on lexica.art, including setting image dimensions, aspect ratio, and advanced settings like contrast levels. This degree of customization ensures users can tailor the AI-generated images to their specific needs or preferences, whether for personal projects or professional work.


Lexica.art features a gallery of images generated by other users, which can serve as inspiration or a source of prompts for new images. The video suggests that exploring the gallery can help users learn how to craft effective prompts and discover new creative possibilities, demonstrating the communal and iterative aspects of working with AI-generated art.


Outpainting is a feature that allows users to extend the borders of an image, generating additional coherent content around the original picture. This is illustrated in the video with the example of an eagle and flowers, showcasing how outpainting can create a more expansive and detailed visual narrative. It mirrors capabilities seen in other platforms like DALL-E 2, emphasizing the evolving nature of AI art generation tools.

💡AI Artistic Innovation

The video underlines the theme of artistic innovation through AI, emphasizing how platforms like lexica.art allow users to generate unique images and learn about the nuances of AI-driven creativity. It positions these technologies as tools for artistic exploration and education, accessible to a broad audience interested in the intersection of art and technology.

💡Image Quality

Image quality is a recurrent theme in the video, with lexica.art praised for producing results 'almost at the level' of Meet Journey. This comparison highlights the platform's capability to generate visually appealing and detailed images based on user prompts, making it a competitive option for those seeking high-quality AI-generated art.


Explanation on how to use the léxica.art website step by step for image generation.

Léxica.art can be used for finding inspiration and understanding how prompts work to improve images.

The platform allows generating up to 100 free images per month, compared to 25 on Meet Journey.

Accessing the léxica.art website is done by typing it into the browser's address bar.

The website displays a variety of random images generated by other users.

Clicking on any image shows the prompts and characteristics used, including model, dimensions, etc.

Users can search the gallery for images based on themes, such as 'mountain', to find related images with various prompts and styles.

The generate button allows users to create images directly from the website.

Registration can be done using an email account.

Users can describe their desired image with text, including negative prompts to exclude certain concepts.

Léxica.art uses its own models trained on stable diffusion AI, similar to Midjourney.

The platform enables easy generation of images with high-quality results comparable to Midjourney.

Léxica.art offers a user-friendly interface for image generation and inspiration.

Users can define image dimensions and aspect ratios within the platform.

Advanced adjustments like contrast levels can be fine-tuned by users.

The platform also features an 'Out Paint' option to generate a coherent environment around the image.

Léxica.art serves as a tool not only for AI image generation but also for learning to describe images correctly using specific prompts.

The video encourages viewers to subscribe for more updates on AI in the arts in Spanish.