I Drew Every Day for 100 DAYS!

31 Jan 202415:52

TLDRIn this video, the artist shares their journey of drawing every day for 100 days and the significant improvement they've made over this period. Starting with a childhood drawing, they compare their initial work to the progress made after 30 days, which motivated them to continue. The artist experimented with various styles, from anime to more realistic drawings, and incorporated color to bring their work to life. They also shared tips and challenges faced during the process, such as the importance of drawing from reference and the struggle with consistency in different angles. The video concludes with a live drawing session, showcasing the artist's current skill level and their commitment to continuous improvement. The artist encourages viewers to pursue their goals with persistence and practice, highlighting the transformative power of dedication.


  • 🎨 The artist started a 100-day drawing challenge to improve their skills through consistent practice.
  • πŸ“ˆ They noticed significant improvement by comparing their drawings from day 0 to day 30, which motivated them to continue.
  • 🀯 The artist experienced a dip in their skills around day 5, feeling like they had lost the progress they had made.
  • πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ They drew a variety of subjects, including characters from their favorite games and anime, to practice different styles and techniques.
  • πŸ“š The artist used different types of drawing books and tools, such as markers, to experiment with coloring and shading.
  • 🌈 They explored color theory by trying to use every color in their set and learning how to make their drawings more vibrant.
  • πŸ”„ The artist faced challenges with consistency, particularly with drawing different angles of faces and maintaining balance in their compositions.
  • πŸ“ˆ By day 40, they felt they had regained their momentum and could draw things they liked, indicating a sense of progress.
  • πŸŽ₯ The artist included a sponsored segment for NordVPN, emphasizing the importance of online security and privacy.
  • πŸ“ˆ By the end of the challenge, the artist felt more confident in their ability to draw a variety of face angles and styles.
  • πŸ’ͺ They encourage viewers to pursue their own goals with persistence and practice, highlighting the importance of setting and working towards goals.

Q & A

  • What was the artist's initial goal when they started drawing every day?

    -The artist's initial goal was to practice drawing every day for 30 days to improve their skills and see noticeable progress over time.

  • How did the artist feel about their progress after the first 30 days of daily drawing?

    -The artist felt motivated and excited by the improvement they saw after 30 days, which encouraged them to continue the challenge.

  • What was one of the artist's favorite games that influenced their drawing style?

    -One of the artist's favorite games was 'Tuni the Sun', which had detailed and interesting characters that inspired the artist's drawing style.

  • What was the artist's strategy to improve their drawing skills?

    -The artist's strategy to improve was to draw from reference as much as possible, trying out different styles, and drawing different things they saw and liked.

  • How did the artist feel about their drawing abilities after completing the 100-day challenge?

    -The artist felt more confident in their drawing abilities, noticing a significant improvement in their skills, and a reduction in the number of attempts needed to create a satisfactory piece.

  • What was the artist's experience with using markers for coloring their drawings?

    -The artist initially struggled with using markers, finding it difficult to control the coloring process, but eventually enjoyed the added depth and life that coloring brought to their drawings.

  • What was the artist's approach to drawing different angles of the face?

    -The artist practiced drawing the face from different angles, recognizing that each new angle presented a unique challenge and required more practice to master.

  • How did the artist's perception of their own work change over the course of the 100-day challenge?

    -The artist began to notice their own mistakes and areas for improvement more readily, which led to a period of self-criticism, but ultimately resulted in a better understanding of their work.

  • What was the artist's attitude towards their early drawings compared to their later ones?

    -The artist was initially critical of their early drawings, but as they progressed, they started to appreciate their growth and became more confident in their abilities.

  • What was the purpose of the 'PewDiePie Jal seal Shaker' mentioned in the script?

    -The 'PewDiePie Jal seal Shaker' is a stainless steel cup promoted as part of a sponsorship deal in the video, designed to keep drinks cool and fresh.

  • How did the artist's audience react to the 100-day drawing challenge?

    -The audience was very supportive, which was one of the main reasons the artist decided to continue the challenge beyond the initial 30 days.

  • What advice does the artist give for achieving goals similar to the 100-day drawing challenge?

    -The artist advises to keep practicing and setting small, achievable goals, emphasizing that improvement comes from consistent work and dedication.



🎨 30-Day Drawing Challenge: The Journey and Progress

The speaker reflects on their 30-day drawing challenge, which began with a childhood drawing of themselves and their father showering. Initially, they lacked practice despite an interest in drawing. After committing to daily drawing for 30 days, they noticed significant improvement and continued the practice to day 100. The speaker discusses the challenges of maintaining momentum, the support from the audience, and their excitement in seeing the progress. They also mention experimenting with different styles, drawing from references, and the use of new materials like markers.


πŸ–ŒοΈ Art Evolution: From Sketches to Colored Artworks

The speaker details their artistic evolution, moving from simple sketches to more complex and colored pieces. They discuss the process of drawing, focusing on the importance of starting with the eyes and the placement of facial features. The speaker also talks about their experimentation with different mediums, including markers, and the challenges of coloring. They share their experiences with drawing anime and manga characters, their personal favorites, and the influence of references in their work. The speaker also incorporates humor by discussing their drawing of cat girls and their satisfaction with certain pieces.


πŸ”„ Iterative Improvement: The Art of Consistency and Experimentation

The speaker continues to delve into their drawing process, emphasizing the iterative nature of improvement. They discuss the struggle with consistency, particularly with drawing different angles of the face and the challenges of coloring. The speaker also talks about their attempts at drawing without reference to test their skills and the importance of practicing various angles and styles. They mention their excitement in drawing a Chainsaw Man character and the joy they find in the process, concluding with a live drawing session with the audience.


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πŸ’‘Drawing Challenge

A drawing challenge is a commitment to create artwork on a regular basis, often with a set goal or timeframe. In the video, the creator set a goal to draw every day for 100 days, which is a way to improve skills and build discipline. It's a common practice among artists to undertake such challenges to foster growth and consistency in their craft.


Improvement refers to the enhancement of skills or performance over time. The video documents the creator's journey of noticeable improvement in their drawing abilities, from the initial days to the 100th day of the challenge. The creator emphasizes the importance of practice and consistency as key factors in achieving improvement.


Practice is the act of repeatedly doing something to enhance or master a skill. The video's theme revolves around the concept that regular practice is essential for artistic development. The creator shares their experiences of practicing daily and how it led to significant progress in their drawing skills.


Proportions in art refer to the correct relative size of one part to another in a composition. The creator mentions getting the proportions 'decent enough' which they previously struggled with, indicating a key area of improvement over the course of the 100-day challenge.


Anime is a style of animation that originated in Japan and is characterized by colorful artwork, fantastical themes, and vibrant characters. The video includes the creator's exploration of drawing in an anime style, which is a popular genre among artists and fans, and showcases the creator's progression in this specific style.


In art, a reference is an image or object used by an artist to accurately depict a subject. The creator talks about drawing from reference to improve their skills, which is a common technique for studying and replicating forms, shapes, and styles found in the real world or other artworks.


Momentum, in the context of the video, refers to the creator's drive or motivation to continue with the drawing challenge. The creator discusses regaining their momentum after experiencing a temporary setback, highlighting the psychological aspect of long-term projects.


Sponsorship is the support of a company for an event, activity, or individual, often in exchange for advertising or promotion. In the video, the creator mentions a sponsorship from 'gfuel' and introduces a product called the 'PewDiePie Jal seal Shaker,' which is a part of their promotional activities.


Coloring in art involves the application of hues to a drawing to add depth, emotion, and visual interest. The video documents the creator's journey with coloring, from initial struggles to becoming more comfortable and creative with the use of color in their artwork.


Consistency in art refers to the uniformity and coherence of an artist's work or style. The creator discusses their efforts to become more consistent in drawing different angles of faces, which is a sign of their growing expertise and control over their art.


While seemingly unrelated to drawing, the mention of going to the gym serves as an analogy for the creator's approach to self-improvement. It illustrates the principle of starting small and building up through persistent effort, which is applicable to both physical fitness and artistic skill development.


The artist embarked on a 100-day drawing challenge to improve their skills through daily practice.

Initially, the artist compared their progress after 30 days and noticed a significant improvement, motivating them to continue.

Community support in the comments played a crucial role in the artist's motivation to keep drawing every day.

The artist struggled with maintaining momentum after a video was made, feeling like they had lost their skill temporarily.

Drawing from references was identified as the best way to improve, leading to the artist trying various styles and subjects.

The artist experimented with different mediums, including markers, to add color and depth to their drawings.

A shift towards more realistic drawings and away from anime-style was part of the artist's evolution over the 100 days.

The artist experienced a mix of pride and self-criticism, often comparing new work to their best piece and feeling dissatisfied.

The challenge helped the artist to become more consistent in drawing different angles of the face.

Using oneself as a reference for poses was a strategy the artist employed to achieve desired results.

The artist discovered that drawing without reference could be a valuable way to gauge improvement.

The use of a larger art book allowed for more detailed and expansive drawings.

Incorporating favorite characters and themes, such as from the rhythm game 'Tunisia Sun,' added enjoyment to the drawing process.

The artist's journey was marked by a progression from simple sketches to more complex and colored illustrations.

The final drawing session on day 100 was a collaborative effort with the audience, showcasing the artist's evolved technique.

The artist emphasized the importance of practice and setting goals, drawing parallels with their experience of going to the gym.

The challenge concluded with a noticeable increase in confidence and skill, as well as a desire to develop a unique style in the future.

The artist expressed gratitude for the support received and encouraged others to pursue their goals with persistence.