This One Print took me from Beginner 3D Printer to Actual Maker!

Attempted Maker
2 Mar 202405:59

TLDRScott, initially doubtful of his making abilities, embarks on a 3D printing journey with an Ender3 V2 Neo. Despite initial setbacks, he perseveres, learning from his mistakes and the supportive online community. His transformation from a self-proclaimed non-maker to a creator is marked by designing and successfully printing functional items, such as a replacement part for wire strippers. Scott's story is a testament to the power of determination and the accessibility of 3D printing as a tool for personal innovation.


  • 👨Scott initially feels disconnected from 'makers' due to a lack of traditional crafting skills.
  • 🤓He acknowledges his creative ideas but doubts his ability to turn them into reality due to perceived lack of talent and age.
  • 🖥Scott's interest in 3D printing grows as he sees it as a more accessible form of making, offering a 'low barrier to entry'.
  • 🎙️He acquires an Ender3 V2 Neo, a budget-friendly 3D printer, despite its successor being announced shortly after.
  • 🪗Scott encounters initial setbacks with the 3D printer, including bed leveling issues and damage to the printing bed.
  • 🛠Despite challenges, he perseveres, learning valuable lessons about 3D printing through trial and error.
  • 💡He realizes that merely printing objects is not enough to fulfill his maker aspirations and decides to learn design.
  • 📱Scott experiments with Fusion 360 and Onshape, facing difficulties but gradually improving his design skills.
  • 🔧A breakthrough moment occurs when he successfully designs and prints a replacement part for wire strippers, proving to himself that he can create useful items.
  • 🏡His confidence grows as he designs more complex items, including a unique number plate mount and a part for a vintage drill.
  • 📲Scott invites others to share their own 3D printing projects and expresses his excitement for his future in making.

Q & A

  • What is Scott's initial perception of himself in relation to makers?

    -Scott initially perceives himself as not being like makers, as he believes he lacks the talent and skills to create or build things like the people he describes.

  • What is the significance of 3D printers in Scott's journey?

    -3D printers represent a low barrier to entry for Scott in terms of making and creating, which he finds increasingly popular among makers and decides to explore as part of his journey.

  • What model of 3D printer does Scott purchase and why?

    -Scott purchases the Ender 3 V2 Neo, which is a budget entry-level 3D printer that is highly recommended by the community for beginners.

  • What challenges did Scott face during the setup of his 3D printer?

    -Scott faced several challenges during setup, including incorrectly leveling the bed, which resulted in damaging the nozzle and the bed, and setting the Z offset incorrectly which led to a watermark on the bed affecting his early prints.

  • Which software did Scott initially use to learn 3D modeling and why did he switch?

    -Scott initially used Fusion 360 to learn 3D modeling but found it too difficult to learn. He then switched to Onshape after seeing online recommendations for its ease of use.

  • What was the turning point for Scott in his journey to becoming a maker?

    -The turning point for Scott was when he successfully modeled and printed a replacement part for his wire strippers. This accomplishment made him realize that he could indeed create and make things, boosting his confidence.

  • What other items did Scott design and create after his initial success with the wire stripper part?

    -After his initial success, Scott designed and created a variety of items, including a specific number plate mount, a fix for a vintage drill from the 50s, and other unspecified projects that he was excited to share.

  • How does Scott's attitude towards himself change over the course of the script?

    -Scott's attitude changes significantly from feeling inadequate and lacking in maker skills to embracing the identity of a maker after learning and successfully applying 3D modeling and printing.

  • What does Scott encourage others who are starting in making or 3D printing to do?

    -Scott encourages others who are starting in making or 3D printing to share their designs on platforms like Printables or Thingiverse and to engage with the community by posting links to their creations in the comments.

  • How does Scott conclude his video script?

    -Scott concludes his script by acknowledging his transformation into a maker and invites viewers to follow his journey by subscribing to his content.



🛠️ Embracing the Maker Mindset

In this paragraph, Scott introduces himself and reflects on his journey into the world of making. Despite feeling different from the talented and creative 'makers' who can bring their ideas to life, Scott discovers the accessibility of 3D printing as a low barrier to entry. He shares his experience with the Ender3 V2 Neo, a budget-friendly 3D printer, and the challenges he faced during the setup, such as bed leveling and Z offset calibration. Through trial and error, Scott learns valuable lessons about 3D printing and its intricacies, eventually finding success in creating various objects, from tools to printer mods. This experience marks the beginning of Scott's transformation into a maker, as he starts to understand the potential and joy of creation.


🎨 Learning Design and Overcoming Challenges

Scott continues his maker journey by venturing into the realm of design. He acknowledges the steep learning curve of Fusion 360, a sophisticated design software, and decides to switch to Onshape, which he finds more user-friendly. Through following YouTube tutorials, Scott designs and prints various items, including a toothbrush holder and a number plate mount. His breakthrough comes when he successfully models and prints a replacement part for a set of wire strippers, which fits perfectly and demonstrates his newfound ability to create functional items. This accomplishment fuels his excitement and determination to continue learning and growing as a maker, leading him to design and fabricate more useful and personalized items.




A 'maker' refers to an individual who engages in the creative process of designing and producing tangible objects or projects, often using technology and craft skills. In the video, Scott contrasts himself with makers, feeling he lacks the talent and skills to create physical items, but eventually discovers his potential through 3D printing and design software.

💡3D Printer

A '3D printer' is a device that constructs three-dimensional objects by depositing successive layers of material, such as plastic, onto a substrate. In the context of the video, Scott's journey into making begins with the purchase of an Ender3 V2 Neo, a budget-friendly 3D printer, which he uses to create various objects and learn about the making process.


Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new or to find new methods of doing things. Scott considers himself creative, having ideas but initially feels he cannot turn them into tangible creations. His journey with 3D printing and design software allows him to express and develop his creativity.

💡Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and computer-aided engineering (CAE) software developed by Autodesk. In the video, Scott attempts to learn Fusion 360 to design objects but finds it challenging, leading him to explore alternative design software.


Onshape is a cloud-based 3D CAD system for工程设计 and manufacturing. Scott transitions from Fusion 360 to Onshape after finding the latter potentially easier to use, and through it, he successfully designs and prints functional items, marking a significant step in his evolution as a maker.

💡Learning Curve

A 'learning curve' represents the process of acquiring new skills or knowledge over time. Scott experiences a steep learning curve with 3D printing and design software, but through persistence and community support, he gradually masters these tools, enabling him to create increasingly complex and useful items.

💡Community Support

Community support refers to the assistance and encouragement provided by a group of individuals who share common interests. In the video, Scott benefits from the advice and support of the 3D printing and modding community, which helps him overcome challenges and grow as a maker.


Design involves the process of creating a plan or blueprint for the construction of an object or a system. Scott's journey includes learning design through software like Fusion 360 and Onshape, which allows him to translate his ideas into physical objects, marking a significant transition from a self-perceived non-maker to a creator.

💡Problem Solving

Problem solving is the process of finding solutions to challenges or issues. Scott demonstrates problem-solving skills when he designs a replacement part for wire strippers, showing his ability to identify a need and create a functional solution through 3D printing.

💡Maker Journey

The 'maker journey' refers to the personal path of an individual as they explore and develop their skills in creating and designing. Scott's story is a narrative of his maker journey, starting from self-doubt, through learning and experimentation, to a point where he confidently identifies as a maker.


Self-improvement is the process of enhancing one's knowledge, skills, and personal development. Scott's narrative is an example of self-improvement as he overcomes his initial limitations and grows into a skilled maker through continuous learning and practice.


Scott's realization that despite being creative, he doesn't consider himself talented or a maker like others.

Scott's observation of the increasing presence of 3D printers in makers' videos and his interest in the attainability of 3D printing.

The choice of the Ender3 V2 Neo as an entry-level 3D printer due to its recommendation and budget-friendliness.

The challenges faced during the setup of the 3D printer, including bed leveling and Z offset calibration.

Scott's persistence and learning process through trial and error, eventually leading to successful prints.

The variety of items Scott printed, ranging from tools and toys to printer mods, showcasing the versatility of 3D printing.

The transition from 3D printing to learning design, starting with Fusion 360 and then moving to Onshape.

The initial struggle with Fusion 360 and the decision to switch to Onshape for easier learning.

Scott's first successful design in Onshape, a replacement part for wire strippers, and the satisfaction of fixing a tool from scratch.

The iterative learning process Scott went through by following YouTube tutorials and improving his design skills.

The excitement of creating a very specific number plate mount and a fix for a vintage drill, highlighting the personalization aspect of 3D printing.

Scott's transformation from feeling unskilled to embracing his identity as a maker through his 3D printing and design journey.

The encouragement for others to share their maker journey and creations, fostering a sense of community.

The invitation for viewers to subscribe and follow Scott's maker journey, indicating the potential for ongoing content and inspiration.