How to Edit MOODY Street Photography with the INCREDIBLE Luminar Neo

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11 Oct 202313:47

TLDRIn this video, the host demonstrates how to edit moody street photography using Luminar Neo, a powerful photo editing software with innovative AI features. The tutorial covers fixing motion blur with the SuperSharp tool, adjusting the brightness of the foreground and background, enhancing contrast and vibrance with the Dramatic tool, and manipulating light effects with Magic Light. The host also shows how to use AI to select and adjust specific subjects, make color adjustments with HSL sliders, add a vignette, and fine-tune details. The video also explores advanced features like sky replacement, relighting, and applying cinematic LUTs for a professional look. The host concludes by highlighting Luminar Neo's versatility for various types of photography and its continuous updates, making it a comprehensive tool for photographers.


  • 🎨 **Luminar Neo Features**: The software offers unique features not found in other editing suites, with a constant introduction of new features for creative results.
  • πŸ–ΌοΈ **SuperSharp AI**: Luminar Neo's SuperSharp feature uses AI to analyze and fix motion blur in images, enhancing sharpness.
  • 🌟 **Relight Tool**: This tool allows users to adjust the brightness of the foreground and background independently, based on AI analysis.
  • πŸ› οΈ **Adjustment Layers**: Similar to Photoshop, Luminar Neo uses layers for adjustments, with the added ability to add multiples of the same adjustments for a cleaner workflow.
  • πŸ“ˆ **Develop Adjustments**: The develop module allows for fine-tuning of exposure and other image parameters to achieve the desired look.
  • 🎭 **Dramatic Tool**: Enhances contrast without oversaturating or crushing colors, bringing out vibrance.
  • ✨ **Magic Light**: A powerful tool for manipulating light sources in an image, adding effects like starbursts or glows.
  • 🧹 **Masking and Selection**: Advanced AI-based selection tools make it easy to isolate and adjust specific parts of an image.
  • 🌈 **Color Adjustments**: The HSL slider section allows for precise control over colors, and the ability to dial back specific hues to achieve a harmonious color scheme.
  • πŸ“· **Sky Replacement**: Luminar Neo excels at sky replacement with built-in options and the ability to relight the scene to match the new sky.
  • πŸ” **Detail Enhancement**: Tools like small detail and large detail allow for the enhancement of specific textures and details in an image.
  • πŸŒ‡ **Mood and Effects**: The Mood feature applies cinematic LUTs, and additional effects like Neon Glow can add an artistic flair to images.
  • 🧩 **HDR Merge and Focus Stacking**: The software can merge multiple exposures for HDR effects and stack focus points from multiple images for improved sharpness.
  • πŸ“š **Presets and Marketplace**: Luminar Neo comes with a variety of presets and offers a marketplace for additional assets like overlays, textures, and tutorials.

Q & A

  • What new features of Luminar Neo does the video demonstrate for moody street photography?

    -The video demonstrates features like SuperSharp for fixing motion blur, Relight for adjusting foreground and background brightness, multiple adjustment layers, Magic Light for manipulating light effects, AI subject selection, HSL adjustments, vignette addition, and details enhancement.

  • How does Luminar Neo's SuperSharp feature work?

    -SuperSharp uses AI to analyze the scene and fix motion blur issues, making the image sharper.

  • What is the purpose of the 'Relight' tool in Luminar Neo?

    -The 'Relight' tool allows users to brighten or darken the foreground and background based on AI analysis, helping to balance the overall exposure and focus on the main subject.

  • How can users build up their composition in Luminar Neo using adjustment layers?

    -Users can add multiples of the same adjustments, which appear in their own layers in the edits tab. This allows for a clean workflow and the ability to hide or delete adjustments individually.

  • What does the Dramatic tool in Luminar Neo do to the image?

    -The Dramatic tool enhances the contrast of the image without over saturating or crushing the colors, bringing out vibrance.

  • How does the Magic Light tool change the editing process in Luminar Neo?

    -Magic Light is a powerful tool that allows for the manipulation of light effects such as starbursts, intensity, and glow, offering more creative control over lighting compared to traditional editing software.

  • How does Luminar Neo's AI subject selection work?

    -The AI subject selection in Luminar Neo allows users to click on the main subject, and the software analyzes the scene to select specific objects, such as humans, flora, or architecture.

  • What is the role of the HSL sliders in color adjustments?

    -HSL sliders are used to adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness of specific colors in the image, allowing for fine-tuning of colors to achieve the desired look.

  • How does the vignette effect contribute to the mood of a street photography image?

    -A vignette effect helps to pull focus into the middle of the image, enhancing the mood by directing the viewer's attention to the main subject.

  • What is the HDR Merge feature in Luminar Neo?

    -HDR Merge is a feature that allows users to combine multiple exposures into a single image, creating a high dynamic range photo with a greater range of light and detail.

  • How does Luminar Neo's focus stacking work?

    -Focus stacking in Luminar Neo involves combining multiple images with varying focus points into one image where every part of the scene is in focus, using the AI engine to process up to 100 images.

  • What additional resources are available in Skylum's marketplace for Luminar Neo?

    -Skylum's marketplace offers a variety of assets for Luminar Neo users, including overlays, textures, LUTs, sky replacements, backgrounds, presets, and tutorial courses.



🎨 Introduction to Luminar Neo's Features

The video begins with an introduction to Luminar Neo, a photo editing platform that stands out for its innovative features and continuous updates. The presenter shares their experience of exploring Luminar Neo and highlights its unique capabilities compared to other editing suites like Lightroom and Photoshop. The video showcases how to use the SuperSharp feature to fix motion blur and the Relight tool to adjust the brightness of the foreground and background. The presenter also demonstrates the ability to layer adjustments, similar to Photoshop layers, and the convenience of having separate layers for each adjustment in the edits tab.


πŸ–ΌοΈ Enhancing Mood and Drama in Street Photography

The presenter discusses enhancing the mood and drama of a street photography scene using Luminar Neo. They adjust the overall exposure and use the Dramatic tool to increase contrast without oversaturating colors. The Magic Light tool is introduced for manipulating light sources, with options to add starburst effects and adjust their intensity, number, and rotation. The video also covers using AI to select the main subject and make adjustments to make them stand out. Color adjustments are made using the HSL sliders, and a vignette is added to draw focus to the center. The presenter also revisits the Magic Light tool for further adjustments and introduces the glow effect for a more dramatic look.


🌌 Advanced Techniques and Final Touches

The video continues with advanced editing techniques in Luminar Neo, including sky replacement with the Sky AI feature, which allows for selecting from various inbuilt skies or additional options from the marketplace. The presenter demonstrates how to adjust the sky's orientation and position to match the composition and use the relight feature to match the scene's lighting with the new sky. The masking feature is used to correct any unwanted effects from the relight. The dramatic effect is applied selectively to certain areas of the image using a mask. The presenter also discusses adding mystical effects with a linear gradient mask and adjusting professional contrast with the Super Contrast feature. The Mood tool is introduced for applying cinematic looks, and color adjustments are made to achieve a harmonious color scheme. The Neon Glow feature is used for artistic flair, and the erase feature is demonstrated for cleaning up the image. The video concludes with a review of the final edit and a discussion of Luminar Neo's additional features like studio lighting, HDR Merge, focus stacking, and the resources available in Skylum's marketplace.



πŸ’‘Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a photo editing software that utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance and manipulate images. In the video, it is the primary tool used to edit moody street photography scenes, showcasing its various features such as SuperSharp, Relight, and Magic Light. It is highlighted for its ability to introduce new features and creative results, setting it apart from other editing suites.

πŸ’‘Moody Street Photography

Moody street photography refers to a style of photography that captures the atmosphere and emotion of a street scene, often with a darker or more dramatic tone. The video focuses on editing techniques to enhance this mood, using features of Luminar Neo to adjust lighting, contrast, and color to create a more atmospheric and emotional image.


SuperSharp is a feature within Luminar Neo that uses AI to analyze and fix motion blur in images. In the context of the video, it is used to sharpen up details such as raindrops on a subject's hood, enhancing the overall clarity and quality of the street photography scene.


Relight is a creative tool in Luminar Neo that allows users to adjust the brightness of the foreground and background independently. This tool is used in the video to darken the background and brighten the main subject, creating a more dramatic and focused image.

πŸ’‘Dramatic Tool

The Dramatic tool in Luminar Neo is used to enhance the contrast of an image without oversaturating or crushing the colors. It helps to bring out the vibrance and add depth to the moody street photography, as demonstrated when the presenter adjusts the setting to plus 30.

πŸ’‘Magic Light

Magic Light is a powerful tool within Luminar Neo that changes the appearance of light sources in an image. It can add starburst effects, adjust the number of beams, and rotate the starbursts. In the video, it is used creatively to enhance the glow effect and adjust the light sources to match the mood of the street scene.


Masking in photo editing refers to the process of selecting specific areas of an image to apply adjustments to. In Luminar Neo, it is used to refine adjustments such as adding black to the main subject or changing the color of light sources. The video demonstrates how to use Mask AI for selecting subjects and manual brushing for fine-tuning the mask.

πŸ’‘HSL Slider

HSL stands for Hue, Saturation, and Luminance, which are color adjustment tools. The HSL slider section in Luminar Neo allows for precise control over these aspects of color in an image. In the video, it is used to reduce the blues and adjust other colors to complement the warm tones of the street scene.


A vignette is a gradual transition from the selected area to the edges of the image, often used to draw attention to the center of the composition. In the video, a vignette is added to the moody street scene to pull focus into the middle and enhance the overall mood.


The Details tool in Luminar Neo is used to enhance the texture and detail in specific areas of an image. The video demonstrates its use to focus on the laughter lines of the main subject's face, providing a subtle yet effective enhancement to the portrait.

πŸ’‘Sky AI

Sky AI is a feature in Luminar Neo that allows for the replacement of the sky in an image with various options, which can be adjusted for orientation, lighting, and color to match the scene. It is showcased in the video as a tool to transform the mood of the street photography by adding a new sky and relighting the scene accordingly.


Luminar Neo offers new features for editing moody street photography scenes.

SuperSharp feature uses AI to fix motion blur in images.

Relight option allows adjusting brightness of foreground and background.

Edits tab in Luminar Neo functions similarly to layers in Photoshop.

Ability to add multiples of the same adjustments for a clean workflow.

Develop adjustment can reduce overall exposure by bending the curve downwards.

Dramatic tool enhances contrast without over saturating or crushing colors.

Magic Light tool can add starburst effects and manipulate light sources.

AI-powered subject selection for localized adjustments.

Color adjustments can be made using the HSL slider section.

Vignette can be added to pull focus into the middle of the image.

Details tool can enhance specific areas like skin texture.

Sky replacement feature in Luminar Neo with the option to relight the scene.

Studio lighting feature allows overlay and manipulation of light to match a scene.

HDR Merge feature combines multiple exposures for high dynamic range images.

Focus stacking can combine up to 100 images with varying focus points.

Neon Glow effect for creating inventive art pieces.

Erase feature allows for easy cleanup of unwanted elements in an image.

Luminar Neo is adaptable and useful for various types of photography.

Continuous updates and new features keep Luminar Neo at the forefront of photo editing.